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Fight at Canucks practice?

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4 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

It was part of a drill.  :picard:

Stop feeding the narrative. This is why media keeps pumping out this garbage because fans fall for it hook like and sinker.

Yea, but it sounds like the drill blew up a bit according the Bachelor.

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7 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Happens all the time among competitive teams. It’s good for them believe it or not.


Kesler and Mitchell did the same thing.


It’s a nothing story. Just the media trying to continue their narrative that everything is a mess.

I do not disagree.  That has been Vancouver media’s bread & butter for years.  Tony Gallagher would be proud.  

I would like to see a video.  You know there is one with every person and their dog with a smartphone.

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5 minutes ago, DeltaSwede said:

Anyone that ever sees an issue with anything closely to stories like this have either never played on a sports team, been a part of a larger social circle, or been at a work place. 

I don’t know how well a heated shoving match would go over at my workplace but I would love to witness it.

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