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2023-24 Prediction Thread

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It's back! Time to lock in your predictions now so that you can look stupid in April!


This thread is to make any predictions you have about the upcoming season. They can be about the NHL in general, other teams, or players. Personally, I like to try to predict the stats of the Canucks.


This thread will lock just before our first regular season game against the Oilers on Oct 11. In the past, I re-opened this thread after the playoffs, but there wasn't much traction given how long the Canucks had been out of the season, so this year, the thread will re-open either at the end of the regular season or whenever the Canucks are eliminated from playoffs, whichever comes later.


Predict away!

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Habs will have another loser season and Slafkoski will solidify his bustaroo status. The Sabres will continue to be losers. Yzerboy will get fired because the Wings will continue to be a laughingstock. And the Devils take a big step back missing the playoffs. And Alf puts down the booze for 7 hours! 

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22 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Habs will have another loser season and Slafkoski will solidify his bustaroo status. The Sabres will continue to be losers. Yzerboy will get fired because the Wings will continue to be a laughingstock. And the Devils take a big step back missing the playoffs. And Alf puts down the booze for 7 hours! 

Way too bold Alf. I give you six hours at best.

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Could contain: Page, Text, Number, Symbol, Chart, Plot

Could contain: Chart, Plot, Number, Symbol, Text



Overall Team Comments:

- Team finishes 42-31-9 with 93 points, a spot or two out of the playoffs

- Scoring for the team drops a bit to 255 goals

- Defense is vastly improved, which gets us closer to the playoffs

- The team names Hughes, Myers, Miller, and Pettersson all as alternates with no captain


Player comments:

- Pettersson capitalizes by hitting less posts and more net. One point shy of tying Hank's record of 112 points. Becomes Vancouver's first 40-goal guy since Kesler and D. Sedin.

- Pettersson finishes 6th in Selke voting and 4th in Lady Byng voting

- Miller is his regular steady point-per-game player

- Hughes continues his steady improvement and is a point-per-game. He finishes 5th in Norris voting

- Kuzmenko's shooting percentage is still very high, but drops down to reality. Shoots way more shots though, so his scoring isn't heavily affected.

- Boeser sees a minor improvement in the goal department up to 21 goals

- Hronek is a bit of a disappointment, though not a total flop

- Garland suffers injury problems, but appears to play well under Tocchet

- Joshua has a similar season to 2022-23

- Studnicka is waived and claimed off waivers

- As usual, Mikheyev has injury issues. Also struggles to start the season

- Beauvillier plays all 82 games, but struggles to produce when not with Pettersson or Miller

- Myers is Myers

- Hoglander has a renaissance season and is a fan favourite 3rd liner

- Suter and Blueger both focus on defense and help tremendously in that regard

- Pearson surprises and is quite capable of an NHL role, though does get injured again midway through the season

- Cole gets a few more points playing with Hughes

- Soucy struggles with top 4 minutes and Myers has to fill his minutes from time to time

- Dries fills in admirably as a 13th forward

- Wolanin shows some of his offensive prowess on the blue line, but struggles defensively

- Irwin is too slow to be an effective defender, but plays due to injuries

- Hirose is steady, but seriously lacking in offense. Plays due to injuries, but plays more in Abbotsford.

- Podkolzkin starts the season in Vancouver, but is sent back down to Abbotsford. Like Hoglander this year, he finishes the year very strong in Abbotsford

- Demko plays a very heavy workload and is good, but not exceptional. Is very good in OT and shootout

- Martin is the primary backup and plays better, but still not great. Struggles a lot in OT

- Silovs plays spot duty and plays fine, but not amazingly well. Thrives with the #1 role in Abbotsford.

- Castonguay works some cap magic to make this roster work because I don't want to re-do all of this


NHL Predictions:

- McDavid scores 51 goals, 81 assists, for 132 points for the Art Ross and wins the Ted Lindsay and Hart.

- Bedard has 87 points and wins the Calder

- Makar scores 97 points and wins the Norris, playing 77 games

- Karlsson drops to 65 points and doesn't get a single Norris vote

- Hischier wins the Selke

- The Cup final is between the Devils and Avalanche with the Avalanche winning

- Boston drops to 102 points

- Edmonton wins the Pacific division with 110 points


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1 hour ago, Alflives said:

Habs will have another loser season and Slafkoski will solidify his bustaroo status. The Sabres will continue to be losers. Yzerboy will get fired because the Wings will continue to be a laughingstock. And the Devils take a big step back missing the playoffs. And Alf puts down the booze for 7 hours! 

you forgot to mention that the Leafs will be eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. I am stunned that you forgot to put down the Leafs. Can't believe that the Leafs are missing in your post. What about putting down the booze forever? I mean that would greatly benefit your health and would greatly improve the quality of your posts here on CDC. Think about it Alf, it's never too late.

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Ok.  Our division.


1.  EDM   108

2. Vegas   102

3. LA         100

4. CAL       96

5. Van        95

6.  Seattle  94  

7. ANA       79

8.  SJ         50


4-6 are pretty interchangable.   Just like the idea of things going well, manifesting a bit. 


It's going to be tight, and come right down to the last week of games to see who has a shot at the wild card spot(s).    Last season we were below .500 against EDM and Vegas.  .333 curiously we only played them 3 times each and not 4.   We split points (.500) against LA and Seattle.   Gained points on CAL, stomped ANA (4-0).    All the games are important, but it's promising we didn't lose ground against the key guys too, LA, SEA, CAL.   Those will be must win games for us.  


Record under Tochett  20-12-4, that's of course a playoff team.    Not going to read too much into that.    But I sure like that coaching staff.   All winners.  Teaching coaches as well.  


Our goals for 276, remarkable given we barely got any from the D core.  Good for 13th in the league.   That's early 90's levels as an aside.   Last time we scored more was 1995-1996,  278 - which at the time, was good for 6th in the league.   Most WCE era managed was in the low 250's, most the Sedin led teams scored was 272, 2009 after that it dropped significantly.    Scoring is finally up league wide, and it's a glorious time to be a hockey fan.  2-1 games  aren't as fun to watch, as 3-2 or a 5-4 game.    Imagine if we could score from the back end too?  Or defend as well?   


   Our goals against, 298 - 24th in the league.   Not hard to figure that out.  Bad defending under Bruce.   Terrible PK, mostly not good goaltending.     Lucky it wasn't worse really.    That's pretty bad.  Last time we let that many in was 1990-1991, 315th only two other teams let in more.   Drafted Nedved. 


Going to 80% with our PK unit would make a huge difference.    That seems plausible.   Allvin for spent his money well this summer to shore that up.   We aren't an 83 bad team.    Not a 100 point team yet either (need everything to go right to manage that).    That will reduce our goals against, and win us close games adding points.   Some of the teams we see regularly, have deadly power plays.   


It's a modest step season for us.   EPs going to be amazing.    


EP gets Hart, Selke and Byng votes

QHs moves up the Norris rankings 

Tochett's name is floated for Adams a several times during the season,  but isn't a finalist. 


Brock has a nice come-back year, scores 30 goals, while back-checking regularly.    For some reason a couple CDCers are unhappy about that.   


 EP leads the team in scoring, 106 points, 43 goals.    What a beaut!

Pearson manages a come back too.   Is our Masterson nominee.    Our winning percentage also gets a nice bump when he plays  too. 


Demko is very good.   Gives us a chance to win every game.   Plays 60 games for us too.   


Hronek is solid, it helps.   Adds some goals from the blue line, and buys into Tochett's system. 


Soucy becomes a fan favourite by Christmas.   Crunches guys.   


EP is satisfied, re-signs, 12 x 8 in the summer of  2024, a collective sigh of relief can be heard right across the country. 


Going to be optimistic, that we do win a wild card spot.   


Dallas plays CAR in the final.   Dallas wins the cup.    We play Dallas in the first round. 



Heiskenan,  Makar,  Dahlin  Norris finalists.   


Art Ross, Hart, Lindsay, Richard another sweep by McJesus.   142 points, 57 goals.   



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I put it elsewhere so I'll make it official and put it here... Petey and Kuzmenko both pot 50 goals this season.


Damn, I love banana boy's smile, and I think we're gonna see it a lot.

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Vegas gets plagued by injuries and fatigue and miss the playoffs.


Edmonton wins the pacific division but is swept in 4 straight games in the first round. 

Seattle, Vancouver, LA, Calgary, Vegas, Anaheim and San Jose round out the rest of the division in that order.


Kuzmenko will win the Rocket Richard trophy with 57 goals.


Johansson will join Vancouver about halfway through the season and become a stalwart on the 2nd pairing.


Crosby will win beat MacDavid for the Art Ross trophy with 48 goals and 74 assists.


Tortorella will be the first coach fired this season.


Columbus will squeak into the playoffs with a wildcard spot.


JT Miller will beat the holy hell out of Trevor Zegras, giving him 2 black eyes and a broken nose/jaw.


Maple Leafs will miss the playoffs and Don Cherry subsequently has a heart attack and passes away.


Alf will quit drinking and take up knitting to occupy his time.





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On 9/11/2023 at 6:37 PM, Salacious Crumb said:

Canucks make the playoffs handily.


Vegas wins their second Cup in a run of 3 in a row.


McBaby gets 160 points, Oil lose in the 1st round.


Canucks continue the hunt for a dedicated practice facility.


It feels like the NHL is due for a BIG scandal…who will it involve?

Batherson.  Hart.   And some other douche-bag kids.   The 2003 a-holes are locked and sealed.  

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The smartest and most deserved organization will win the cup this year.  Yes, the long suffering Maple Leaf fans will finally get their Stanley Cup.  From coast to coast people will be joyously rocking the Leafs blue and white.  Our new, brave and brilliant Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre will declare a national holiday to honour the occasion.


What?  With the wayback machine people will be able to see this?  Crap.

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