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  1. Lol, yeah, it's like people who say "if the Oilers drafted Seguin/Scheifele/Murray, they'd be unstoppable right now right McDavid. They wouldn't have even come close to finishing last to get McDavid lol how does that even make sense at all
  2. Should I do Duchene for Kuzneztov?

    Scoring: https://puu.sh/rUDPg/f31eb8b887.jpg

  3. NHL 17 october roster update and NO stecher/demko.. seriously? They played their first pro games already for christ sakes. Stupid game

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    2. thejazz97


      @HerrDrFunk Was that you that asked them on facebook? :lol:

    3. HerrDrFunk


      @thejazz97 Nah, I did it through Twitter :P

    4. ItsMillerTime


      If you want something accurate give Stetcher High top 6 potential and make him 79 overall. Demko a high starter or Med elite. Around 73-76 overall.

  4. need some fantasy hockey advice: 


    should i trade tavares voracek for ekman-larsson parise?


    scoring: http://puu.sh/rLizI/97be448306.png


    my team already: http://puu.sh/rLiKu/10a08d8003.png


    1. Senpai


      non-keeper btw

    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      I wouldn't. Gut response? That's garbage for you. Parise is the worst player in the deal and OEL and/or Parise aren't good enough to outweigh losing Tavares + Voracek.

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      ^ Unless one of them is injured that I don't know about

  5. Anyone here really good with computers? I have a question about CPUs (speeds and how it affects my desktop)

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    2. Senpai


      Which is also another reason why I wanted to get a better cooler because it's been at 100 for who knows how long (literally probably a year or two) running at 100c (i never dusted it out right so idk how long it was at that temp for lol). I figured if I got a legit ass cooler then it might help it a little bit after being so hot for so long.


      This is the cooler i'm buying as well: https://www.amazon.ca/Noctua-NH-U12-Sockets-Heatpipe-Cooling/dp/B00C9EYVGY

    3. Senpai


      yeah thanks for all the help, imma test it in a few hours and hopefully it's good!!

    4. Fateless


      Ah yes, Noctua. Ugly but super effective. Luckily you can replace the brown fans with aftermarket fans if color is important to you (it is to me). 


      Quite frankly your chip has probably already experienced some degradation if it was at 100 degrees for any length of time - particularly if it had been like that for a few months. With that said, your performance graph still isn't that bad so I don't see why you couldn't get another year or two out of it so long as you baby it a bit more.

  6. Senpai

    Joseph LaBate | C/LW

    Alfredsson would have led his team to the cup if he didn't have to play a team with 2 of the best defensemen to play the game (Nieds/Pronger)
  7. Senpai

    Joseph LaBate | C/LW

    Detroit was, and they won how many cups with Lidstrom and Zetterberg?
  8. Senpai

    Joseph LaBate | C/LW

    Seems to work for Pittsburgh and the Hawks...
  9. When do Demko and Stecher become available in NHL 17? After their first pro game right? (im assuming pre-season doesn't count because they aren't there yet :()

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    2. Senpai


      And creating everyone takes soooooooo long...


    3. HerrDrFunk


      Yeah, they actually have to play a real (not preseason) game before they get added. Eichel didn't get added to NHL 16 until the Sabres first game last year.

    4. Odd.


      Dont forget tim horton

  10. Brisbois is 6'2 175 while Juolevi is 6'3 179... Is it just me or do these two seem very light for their height? Hopefully they both gain some weight over the year, I wouldn't even want Juolevi playing in the NHL with that frame lol

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    2. canuktravella


      if juolevi can put on 10-15 pounds of muscle  by next  training camp he be nhl ready  195 pounds is decent size  seeing nhl is wussy these days less harsh hits and smurfs like gaudreau  playing in league  its def nhl lite these days compared to scott steven yrs he would kill johnny canuck with a hit 

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Juikevi could get by in the East if he was on a good team. He is just as good as Maata if not better. Only concern is the west because there are some heavy forwards and teams but with his elite hockey iq and excellent skating ability he could avoid hits like smaller d men do. 

    4. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      I graduated high school at 6'3 205 and thought I wouldn't grow anymore, but 7 years later I'm 6'5 240ish and in better shape now. Muscles will fill out the frame eventually. I wouldn't be worried about it yet.

  11. Does anyone know if hardwood classic swingman jerseys fit the same as regular swingman jerseys? I wanna buy a shaq jersey but just making sure hardwood classics don't fit differently or something

  12. hey just dropping by giving you your daily dose of noticing 

  13. I know it would take Virtanen (probably) for Barrie, but imagine that d-corps of 
    Edler - Tanev / Hutton - Gudbranson / Sbisa (or Hamhuis) - Barrie... My God, that's probably a top 5 d-corps in the NHL as long as Hutton-Gudbranson can play solid 2nd pairing minutes (hell that doens't even really matter because Hamhuis/Sbisa (moreso Hamhuis) - Barrie would be a fantastic 2nd pairing too. We'd have a young d-corps that would become elite/hit their prime in about 2-3 years, which is perfect timing IMO.

  14. I think it's safe to assume if Stamkos makes it to UFA, he'll get a max contract somehwere. A team will be paying Stamkos 15% of their entire cap lol (12 mil). There will be a bidding war, and I assure you a team will eventually offer him the max.

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    2. Toews




      From Babcock's latest comments that someone pointed to on HF, it might be possible that the Leafs don't plan on pros pursuing Stamkos at all. It could just be him trying to tone down the speculation but I think Toronto maybe in a similar position as Tampa soon when they will have their young stars to give out big contracts to and the Stamkos contract could end up being a burden.

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Certainly don't see him getting the 'Cody Franson treatment', but I'd set a limit at 8.5 mill, if I were a GM.


      Team-harmony/cohesiveness is more important than splashing out on hired guns.

    4. Pears


      I'd say just make him the highest paid player in the league and I'm sure he'd at least consider it. Even if it's only 100K-500K more then Kane and Toews. 

  15. Senpai

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    It's evident this year with the Sedins' desire to play with Hansen that they need to play with a hard-nosed forechecker who can get them the puck when Henrik dumps it in. They're getting old, so the Sedins can't do it themselves anymore, they need a young/strong/speedy forward who can get them the puck after the dump-in. Don't watch much of Rodin, but is he that kind of player? From what I've heard, I don't really think so, seems to be more skilled than raw power/speed. This is also a big problem with our team though, we don't have a speedy playmaking center. Horvat is
  16. Is Stamkos the same player pre-broken leg? Been talking to Bolts fans and they say he's not the same 50-goal scorer since he broke his leg in 2014, he hasn't even been a PPG. Makes me weary about going into a bidding war for this dude. Idk if I wanna pay 11 mill + for someone who can't break 80 points.

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    2. Toni Zamboni

      Toni Zamboni

      also...how, if any, will his latest medical issue(blood clot) affect his playing ability and long term career decisions?


    3. Senpai


      Yeah, lots of red flags. Ideally, I would offer him 1 year at max $$, tell him to prove himself next year, then re-sign him to whatever he shows. Obviously that wouldn't be 100% safest considering he could just leave, but that wouldnt really matter anyways because we got him for free in the first place.


      He would never be ok with that obviously (someone will give him a max contract right away July 1st probably), but that would be ideal. 

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      We always assume SOME GM will come along, & ante up.


      Wondering if this might be the case where that doesn't occur?


      Likely SS is kicking himself now, for not taking Yzer's offer(or negotiating with greater commitment)?

  17. Would you guys package Tanev and like McCann for Edmonton's 4th pick? If they want to trade it for Hamonic, him and Tanev are very similar (Hamonic provides more offense though). I'd probably do it.

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    2. 87Crosby


      Good thing you're not an English prof. But Hamonic is a legitimate top pairing D-man. Edler is a Number 3 on a good team, and McCann is an unproven 19 year old who could be an Elite 2nd liner like Kesler. Also, the Islanders are a desirable team. On the East Coast, less travel, close to Manhattan, a team with a lot of potential. However, I am not Edler and I don't know what teams he will be willing to move too. 

    3. Senpai


      There was a report by Botch a few months ago (might have been in the Provies after a game) but he said the chances of Edler ever waiving his no-trade clause is practically 0. 


      If they asked him for a list, chances are he'd give a list of teams that literally can't acquire him, for example. He doesn't want to leave.

    4. canuktravella


      edler has said in past he wont waive ntc  its not happening  vancouver is his home now  it doesnt matter if your proposing a trade with him because its not on radar for benning to do.  as soon as edler was injured  our season was over  we lost almost 10 games in a row without him    tryamkin and edler would be a fun pairing to watch 


      edler tryamkin  

      hutton tanev

      sbisa juolevi    much better d corp

  18. Jesus christ is the quoting button just totally messed up? Constantly quoting the wrong messages (like the wrong posts are showing up in my message box when I click "quote").. This is so stupid and frustrating. Please switch back to the old boards :(

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      Quotes are remembered now, like if you close a thread mid response type thing. If you erase the one you don't want by CTRL + left clicking the little box that appears on the top left of the box when you scroll over it, you can add the quote you actually wanted.



    2. Senpai


      Why is that so confusing.. That makes sense. I used to just back out when i decided to scrap a reply, but now it stays and its super annoying D:

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      Sorry, meant to say CTRL + right click

  19. If you have a player for an entire year and they are a UFA, you can give them a Qualifying Offer (QO) which is like a 1-year off that's a strict number (this year i think it was like 15.2 million or something). If you extend a player a QO, then if they sign with another team in free agency, your team gets a first round pick. Here's a good sum-up: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/11/explaining-qualifying-offers.html And Tulo won't be batting .250 this year at the plate, for his standards, that is a really off-year. He's an average .297 hitter with a .369 OBP. He regres
  20. Re-upping Bautista really isn't that big of a deal, to be honest. Jays had the best offense in baseball before trading for Tulo, and if you replaced Tulo into Bautista's spot... Oh man, I'm sure you're not losing that much production. Yes, the line-up is obviously better with both Tulo AND Bautista, but really, we already had a historical line-up and we added to it. I don't think you see a big downgrade if you switch Tulo and Bautista (in comparison to our numbers last year before Tulo).
  21. Remember how much people freaked out over the Hodgson trade? I mean both teams ended up losing but it's not like we got mad fleeced like everybody thought at first either lol

    1. peaches5


      Except we did. There were gm's who came forward and said they didn't even know Hodgson was on the market. Hodgson signed a huge contract after he was traded showing he was worth much more than Kassian. Just because Hodgson ended up sucking doesn't mean we shouldn't have gotten much more for him in the trade.

  22. Maybe management/owners legitimately think the fans want a playoff run? I mean, it's not like we've been that vocal at the games or anything about wanting to lose... Maybe we should start a chant for Matthews at the next home game? I mean we post on internet forums and such, not like anyone important is reading them lol

    1. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      I'll second this. Anyone going to game should bring an over-sized face sign of Auston Matthews.

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      you sound like a leaf fan...not a canuck fan...

  23. You are right, it may be "time to sign him," but Demko has to make that decision himself. Hutton left a year early, so it's possible, but for some reason I remember an interview with Demko and his dad and they talked about wanting him to finish his degree (whole reason he's in college rather than junior in the first place so he can get an education). I'll try and dig it up, but it was a while ago, I think two summers. There's certainly a possibility he changed his mind, but remember, i'd say 1/2 the kids who go the college route do it for the education. Sure, you can go back in the
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