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Shinkaruk training with Crosby, NHL Stars


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Yep.It`s obviously a hijacking ,OMG.Responding to posts is now run through the CDC thought police.

``We got blown out the games we lost. Complaining about how dirty they were doesn't justify it. Though it went 7 games, they outscored us 23-8. We had no business winning the series.``sameer the devil 666

``If Shinkaruk became another Marchand you'd be all over it. I hate him as much as the next guy but the skill is there. We gotta stop being butt hurt at some point and admit they were plain better.``N7 nucks

Not exactly endangering the fate of mankind now,are we,when responding to what other posters have already said?

Of course,I am the one hijacking the thread by responding.

Bieksa-bruised MCL from a two handed slash -no call.

Edler-two fingers broken with a slash-no call.

Raymond-broken back-no call.

Hank had been chopped in the back so often in that series he was rumoured to being shot up before games.

I guess I could go on but you fanatics will always think the better team won when the dirty team won.

This is where I part ways with fanatics that think the best game in my world should continue to be decided by hooligans and bullies that don`t get called out for playing against the rules that already exist.

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All I can say is a lot of you on this form must only be here to cause SHYTE. He is a young kid that has talent (more than any of us) and look at his dad. If he can fill out to be that size we may have a gem (we may even if he just fills out). I know not a lot about him other than he wants to be here as does his family. So let the kid and learn and grow and who knows MAYBE HE WILL BE IN THE SAME TALENT POOL AS CROSBY ONE DAY. But you all want to crush him before he even has time to show us what he has got. So grow up and be a CANUCK and support our players. If you want to be a looser go watch another sport and let the real fans watch all the players play the game and cheer for success. Not try and pound down a kid to fail just because non of us could make the show. So here is to HUNTER and all players that are trying to make it. and hoping they do. GO CANUCKS GO

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At 18yrs old, Shinkaruk is 5'11". He could easily be 6' or more in the next 3/4years.

Here's a few 'small' players that seem to be working out in the NHL (all are 6' and under).

Kunitz - Crosby - St Louis-Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Kane-Parise - Giroux - Eberle-Marchand - Duchene - Yakupov-Richards-Camerelli-Kessel-Skinner-Giroux-Alfredsson-Downie-Taveres-Stamkos-Ott-Krejci-Ribiro




I'm sure this list could expand rapidly.

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