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[Mafia] West Coast- East Coast Rivalry (Game over- Mafia win)


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Death Row got news of a traitor n the hood who goes by the name Time.
Reluctant to rely on the sheriff that brought them this news, they gathered thoughts, and decided to not *** the police this time.
Time was seen later that night slangin' on the streets.
Death Row were out to get some vengeance.

Time was slathered in mayonnaise and used as an instrument before being brutally raped to death.

Bad Boy wouldn't tolerate for this, or the fact that Kryten has been rumored to have survived n the hood.
They decided enough was enough and stripped him of his clothes to make sure he wasn't wearing a bulletproof.
Some of it was caught on surveillance:

He was later shot 4 times, and stabbed in the right testicle before releasing his final line of defense.
It left a sticky presence on Bad Boy, but it did not stop them from completing their task and getting rid of Kryten.

Tupac saw Buddhas Hand selling crack to kids, and knew that that's just the way it is, but in a turn of events Buddha did something uncalled for.

He shot the kid for not having enough change.
Tupac had his own change planned.

Buddha was shot 9 times. He was rushed to hospital in which his last words were "Loyalty is....is......fergalicious"

A song in his memory was released several years later under the same word "Fergalicious"

1. Virtanen87
2. Horvat(Death Row)
3. Kryten(Death Row)
4. Dr.Strangelove
5. Mathew Barzal
6. Time Lord(Bad Boy)
7. Fox Mulder(Death Row)
8. John Locke
9. Aladeen
10. Mikeyboy
11. Ilduce39
12. King Heffy
13. Dazzle

14. Intoewsables

15. OurTimeToShine

16. g_bassi13

17. Vrienzy(Unknown)

18. Apples

19. Alchemy Time

20. otherwise

21. Buddhas Hand(Death Row)

22. Go Faulk Yourself.
23. VIC
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