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Parents kill teen after forcing him to drink so he would learn a lesson


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A Wyoming mom and stepdad are behind bars after their 16-year-old son died of alcohol poisoning — after they tried to "teach him a lesson" about the dangers of drinking, police said.

Paulette Richardson and her husband, Joseph Richardson, were charged with involuntary manslaughter last week after her son, Kendal Ball, was found dead at home in Urie, in southwest Wyoming, on July 7.

For the last three years, Ball had said he wanted to drink, according to court documents. Concerned he would turn out like his alcoholic biological father, the Richardsons said they wanted to prove a point about the hazards by getting him sick.

They encouraged Ball to drink over the course of two hours, in which Ball put back multiple shots of Fireball and Jack Daniels, before putting him to bed, police said. Paulette Richardson said she checked on her son at around 11 p.m., when he gave her a thumbs-up. When her husband checked on Ball at 3:45 a.m., he was unresponsive and paramedics soon found him with dark blue, cool skin, according to the Uinta Herald.

When Ball died, he had a blood alcohol content of .587 — about seven times the legal limit for drivers.

Joseph M. Richardson found his stepson unresponsive at home, police said.



Paulette L. Richardson was booked into jail in Evanston, Wyo.
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Their heart was in the right spot but what they did was so, so, so stupid.

It's like the old smoking the whole carton of cigarettes thing. But the amount they gave him to have his blood alcohol level so high is completely ridiculous. The kid was only 16.

Hard to feel any sort of empathy for them.

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