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[Report] Hansen fined $2000 for diving


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NEW YORK -- Vancouver Canucks forward Jannik Hansen has been fined $2,000 as supplementary discipline under NHL Rule 64 (Diving/Embellishment), the National Hockey League announced today.

NHL Rule 64 is designed to bring attention to and more seriously penalize players (and teams) who repeatedly dive and embellish in an attempt to draw penalties. Fines are assessed to players and head coaches on a graduated scale outlined below:

Citations are issued by the National Hockey League Hockey Operations Department, which tracks all games, logs all penalties for diving or embellishment and flags all plays not called on the ice that in its opinion were deserving of such a penalty. A Citation is issued once Hockey Operations, through its internal deliberations, is convinced that a player warrants sanction.

Hansen was issued a Warning following an incident flagged by NHL Hockey Operations during NHL Game No. 183 against Pittsburgh on Nov. 4. His second Citation, which triggered the $2,000 fine, was issued for an incident at 10:15 of the third period during NHL Game No. 510 at Tampa Bay on Dec. 22. Hansen was assessed a minor penalty for embellishment while Tampa Bay defenseman Nikita Nesterov received an interference minor on the play.

The money goes to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund.



I guess that's what happens when you're consistently the teams hardest worker.

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How can you retroactively fine someone that happened two games after that, yet give no suspensions OR fine to McNabb for his elbow that contravenes against their head contact policies?

What a &^@#in' joke.

Hansen also got suspended for accidentally elbowing Hossa. He was simply jumping to reach for the puck.

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9 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

I don't know...I love Hansen, but that looked like a Greg Louganis special to me...

Uh, sorry but what?! 


...so that is a dive to you and not a hard working play where Hansen was unbalanced battling/forechecking 2 Bolts defenders and got knocked over? Yeah, can't be. Was a dive. What a rat. /sarcasm

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