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Bring Back the Flying V ?


Bring back Flying V ?   

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1 hour ago, Green Goblin said:

The Flying V is awesome! How could you hate such a unique jersey compared to the rest of the NHL. Don't conform to the mainstream where all the team's jerseys look the same...


Come on ya'll!


Vancouver Canucks forever!

Now if you could only change the red/yellow to our current west coast colours blue/green, it would be perfect!  Leave skate logo on the shoulders.  Have a white instead of black version for home games.

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30 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

^^^It's a message board. It's a discussion for fun to pass the time. 


Its also a fact, that we have had so many jerseys and 3rd jerseys- that enough is enough

The idea of seeing the Canucks change their uniforms again is worthy of an eye roll. This club has been through so many color schemes and logos over the years, a doctor might be inclined to diagnose them with an identity disorder of some kind. In fact, one might argue the reason they added VANCOUVER to the chest in 2007 was to remind themselves who they are.

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10 minutes ago, Biff Tannen said:

I had the same thought, the tactic sucked as much as those fugly jerseys. I would be up for Gordon Bombay replacing WD though.

Since Anaheim dropped it from their name, we could become the Vancouver Mighty Canucks.

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Those jerseys are ugggglaaayyy. 

The OP might have a point though. It would be neat to investigate how different patterns and colours on a jersey affect the opposing players. Do dark colours make you look more intimidating? Do stripes on a goalies pads make it harder to aim? Obviously a players skill will be the biggest factor but we are animals and we carry all those impulses that use to keep us alive and they play a bigger role then we give them credit.  

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8 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:
  • Since Anaheim dropped it from their name, we could become the Vancouver Mighty Canucks.

Maybe someone could teach Edler the knucklepuck? Might keep some of the people on here off his back for a while.

As far as jerseys go - obviously black is a cool colour, but nostalgia aside there's no good reason to go back to some of the hideous late 80s early 90s kits. The early orca designs were even worse, but they did get a wee bit better over time. It's always made me kinda sad that no one with good taste has ever been asked to design a Canucks uniform.

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A quick Photoshop:


I think this would be awesome if he wore something like that

Go like soccer. The goalie doesn't have to wear what the rest of the team is wearing.

I've always been a fan of the V.  But I'd actually like to see it in the modern colour theme.


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