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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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On 2/8/2014 at 2:35 AM, mau5trap said:



That's my boy. Toews doesn't get down with mafia scum.


Toews be all like: I put on for towns people, on on for towns people. I put on for towns people, on on for towns people. I putttt onnnnnnn




edit: Your rap name from now will be known as "Young Toewsy"



I never knew this side of mau5trap

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1 minute ago, Zfetch said:

The original Zodiac ended on the 7th post of the 103rd(Modern) page.

So close...If gifs are needed to fill out the remaining 4 pages, then so be it!

Luciferase made a lot of posts in that thread and her posts have been deleted. So the number will never be accurate. Also MR goes off of posts made during the game, not before or after.

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37 minutes ago, Dr.Strangelove said:

Sorry guys I'm not/haven't been feeling 100% these last few days.

All I can really do at this point is vote and hope

vote Mau5

I feel for ya buddy. At least you can be bold now. (no help from me on that part)

I injured my hand once, it was horrible! Reduced my sex life by 50%.

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