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Wow, terrible game at times but at other times brilliant. Sloppy game, nice open ice though and we just won a run-and-gun game against one of the league's best fast-skating teams. Maybe we should try and play open hockey more often if our kids are up for the challenge? 


1) Sedins were brilliant tonight, they're on fire and looked amazing with Sutter all night long. Good coaching move there.


2) Eriksson and Granlund look like they have instant chemistry, that was a brilliant little give-and-go goal and of course Granlund scores the game winner on a sick shot. He was buzzing all night long, skating well, passing well and defending well. This kids showing some real promise and flashes of brilliance, definitely a top-6 forward.


3) Baertschi had all the chances in the world and has been really snake-bitten and struggling to finish but Horvat's playmaking was exceptional tonight. Obviously a nice goal by Bo but his passing has really taken another level this year and tonight it was on display.


4) Not much from the support guys Chaput, Dorsett, Gaunce and Skille, would be nice for Rodin to come in to replace one of these pylons. Obviously Burrows' goal should have counted and he played a hard, gritty game and looks like he's dusting off the rust and coming into his own again.


5) Edler and Stecher look good out there, Stecher is essentially the same type of defenceman as Larsen but younger, more talented and has more finish. What a game by the kid, he's been racking up the assists lately (and not just cheap 2nd assists, well earned ones) and finally gets a monster goal, clutch performance. Lock this kid down with a big contract because he's going to be a top-4 defender in the NHL for a long time.


6) Hutton and Gudbranson had an alright game, nothing flashy, beaten a few times and Gudbranson was fairly invisible which is what you want as a defender.


7) Sbisa had another solid, sound game tonight and Tryamkin had a really up and down game. What a fantastic hit he laid on Jamie Benn - I don't think anyone else in the NHL can drop Benn like that without a run up and Tryamkin absolutely pasted him. Then he makes a rookie mistake going behind the net and not stopping at the crease to allow a big 4th goal. Bad mistake but Tryamkin has skated well and played hard, if he can learn through the typical kid mistakes he's going to be a very valuable defenceman going forward.


8) Miller wasn't at his best but luckily for him the kids won this game for him for once.

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2 minutes ago, nuck7635 said:

Feel bad for Tryamkin. Love how he just threw Benn to the ice, that's a big boy too. Sven's looking better, he made some pretty slick moves in the 3rd period and looked pretty good with Bo in OT. In fact, that line of Baer-Bo-Burr is working really well but yeah that was exactly the kind of win Canucks needed!!

I think he just needs to keep getting minutes.  Thats all there is to it.  He is obviously getting better.  Hope he doesn't get discourage after losing the puck on that one rush.  

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Just now, Creepy Crawler said:

Let's hope Willie stops using the defense & dump and chase and goes with offensive pressure like 3rd period.

I was thinking the same thing.  Backs against the wall forced them to press and it looked good!!   Even if they had lost, at least it looked like real hockey.

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If Willie wants to keep his job

Sedins - Sutter

Virt - Granny - Eriksson

Bae - Bo - Burr

Gaunce - Chaput - Dorsett


Edler - Stecher

Hutt - Gud

Tree - Stecher





I really think we need to try Virt on the left because he did score 45 goals when he was LW for the Hitman. It might create a spark and rejuvenate him.

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