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[Proposal] Montreal LS Top 4 - Edler for picks?

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"The Montreal Canadiens are rumored to be interested in acquiring a top four defensemen. Nick Kypreos, Sportsnet’s NHL insider, hinted at the possibility of this during the second intermission of the Canadiens game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The question then becomes what do the Canadiens have to give up to get a top four defensemen?"

A Key Trading Asset

What’s interesting about those deals is what the primary asset of trades were. The key element was second round draft picks. Even when Bergevin traded for Andrew Shaw, he used two second round picks to make the deal.

Bounty of 2nd Round Picks

Montreal currently has two second round draft picks in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft



Habs shopping, but no sellers on the market yet

The problem with shopping for a top four defenseman this time of year is there are not a lot of sellers on the market yet.

Markov can’t handle burden of playing on top pair

Emelin has been playing good hockey this season, but isn’t a long term solution as a top pairing defenseman. The only other defenseman on the left side is Andrei Markov. Markov has been used on the top pairing in the past but the team is wisely trying to limit his minutes this season.

At 37 years of age, Markov doesn’t have the endurance he once did. 




Now with two more seasons left on his contract he might not be the right fit for Montreal, who are looking more for a UFA defenseman. That said, with Markov likely coming off the books, plus Radulov they should have the cap space to even with re-signing Galchenyuk. 

The Canucks don't look to be going anywhere fast, and Edler is no spring chicken. Could it be possible for him to waive his NTC to go to a top team like Montreal, especially to play with Weber? I believe it is very possible. 

To Montreal
Alex Edler (half million per year retained?)


To Vancouver
2017 2nd round pick

Two 2018 2nd round picks
David Desharnais

This gives Montreal their top pairing left side defense while keeping at least a 2nd round pick in each of the next two drafts  as they have five over the next two years (hopefully we could snag three in this deal). Moving Desharnais' contract makes this trade possible and gives us an extra piece up front and possibly another pick at the TDL. 

One of the 2nd round picks could then be moved to acquire a young roster player for now, or something similar. 


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I personally would not be interested in Desharnais as the "principle" in a deal for Edler - not even close.

A volume deal like this - not that tempting, particularly with how late Montreal's 2nd/s could be - ditto with the Wash and Chi picks.


Also, the Habs have Beaulieu - they tried him early with Weber on the top pairing - and he's likely an eventual fixture somewhere in their top 4.


I think the idea that Edler could fit well there is a good one - just not too keen on the proposed return.

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Defence men are in high demand and very hard to find. They are worth alot in this league. Edler even for all  his gaff's is still worth a high 1st and roster player.


If Jim traded him for anything less than that, he'd be doing another injustice to the team.

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Yes, D are valued high, so you would think JB would get a good return. A 1st and a roster player would be a home run IMO. Be interesting who that roster player would be. At this point draft picks are a priority, so an extra 1st would help the rebuild.

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3 minutes ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Don't hear much about Juulsen, as of late(has his progress stopped?)


Also don't know much about Habs' prospects, but agree there seems a decent match here.


I'd like to add one of our prospects(mediocre one), so they can upgrade that with another piece. Especially if we took DD off their hands.

He had some injury issues last season. He's the captain of Everett this year and is doing very well. Sounds like a very likely lock for a slot on the world junior team. 

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3 hours ago, canuktravella said:

 id want mccarron a first and a second  and conditional second if the reach finals  otherwise they can eat rocks 

If they gave us a first and those two 2nds


and you what Edler haters? I bet that's around the value he fetches


But if the deal is for scapes then no. we have to shake our pushover image, make teams pay, or get nothing 

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