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Your opinion on Canucks going back to Green Day Holiday Goal Song


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In case you missed it, this season the Canucks are bringing back their old Green Day Holiday goal song, which they used back in 2011.

I'm curious to see CDC's reaction to this, do you like going back to this song after all the good and bad in 2011? If you don't like it, which song would you like to replace it with?


Also thanks to @Brad Marchand for sharing the tweet.

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I didn't mind that Clutch song a few years back, apparently Daniel Sedin didn't as well:P.  Don't care much for 'Holiday' but tbh didn't even notice the song last night. 

Already posted this so I'll just copy it.

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29 minutes ago, goalie13 said:

They should have gone with Brass Bonanza.

I don't know the song name and I cannot post from youtube but "Little Spanish Flea" would make an awesome song, especially if they ever pummel a team 8-0 lol.

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I’m a big fan of the cities that commit to one goal song (Looking at you Chelsea Dagger :ph34r:) year over year and if we were ever going to decide to try that continuity Holiday is definitely the one to use for the Canucks. 

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