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Our coach: Mr. Travis Green (discussion)

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I am just glad we ridded ourselves of Willy D...……………..::D

TG has done a great job of making players accountable. We have had too many years where our offensive stars were allowed to play with less defensive responsibility's which lessened our ability to succeed in the playoffs IMO. Petey is going to be a great example of one our offensive stars being defensively responsible. 

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1 minute ago, AlwaysACanuckFan said:

Really looking forward to seeing how Green and this team does with an improved, physical roster this season. 

We have speed, we have skill and we have physicality. A definite recipe for success for sure.

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30 minutes ago, zombieksa said:

I like his work with Jake who was called upon to defend leads late in the game by the end of last season. Something you would not have seen a year ago. He's done well to develop Jake as a player who has a better all around game than before. 

I also like that he genuinely gives players a chance. He gave LE and Goldy chances to prove themselves in top 6 roles and they failed.He gave players like Motte a chance to succeed in a bottom 6 role and he became a mainstay all season due to his efforts. TG is very fair and as you said a players coach, and I think that is what we need most of all.

Couldn't agree more about Jake. I would bet that if Green wasn't here, neither would Jake at this point. I know Green was brought in mostly as a development/young team coach, and he's done that, but I predict he's here to stay for a long time, similar to AV. I can't wait to see his line combos! 

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I like that he insists his team plays hard, and with LE as the exception, they generally do. It makes the games more entertaining, and maintains the right culture.  I think with us gaining so much size in the offseason, if he can maintain that drive we will be a nasty team to play against.


I like that he always seems in control of his emotions and his words, and I like that he is open and honest with the media and his players. I also like that he isn't afraid to try new combinations and varying ice time to players based on how much he feels they are contributing.


I actually think he is a very good coach and have zero issues with him being behind the bench for this coming season.

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41 minutes ago, smokes said:

Everyone is talking about how he turned Jake around. I would argue if he did or not. Jake was a first rounder projected to play in the top six and is now a bottom six player who can easily be replaced. He's trying to turn Goldobin into a two way player when he is clearly meant to play on the offense. He turned what was one a promising young defence man in Hutton into a free agency giveaway. He got Eriksson, a 14 year veteran who we haven't heard a complaint from, ever, call him out. When you look at the improvements of the team last year, we need to ask ourselves, did the Canucks improve because of Green's coaching or because the diamond Benning uncovered in Petey.

I don't think he is the coach of the year but the players you are naming are maybe some who are not accountable and not playing to their potential. Gone are the days when you could just play defense or just play offense. It is a team sport after all and you are more effective if you can play as one unit. If you give up often or don't give your all on the ice, someone else has to take up your slack. TG knows this and tries to play those who gets this and sits those who don't, plain and simple.

We are rebuilding so this will take some time and there will be some "weeding out" before it is all said and done. We have already started to see this and the team will become better and better as these guys slowly get weeded out.

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