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[Report] Canucks sign GM Jim Benning to contract extension

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34 minutes ago, kingofsurrey said:

Yah amazing results for the club...


2015–16 82 31 38 13 75 191 243 6th, Pacific Did not qualify
2016–17 82 30 43 9 69 182 243 7th, Pacific Did not qualify
2017–18 82 31 40 11 73 218 264 7th, Pacific Did not qualify
2018–19 82 35 36 11 81 225 254 5th, Pacific Did not qualify

Reputation checks out.


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1 minute ago, Blömqvist said:


I would expect rebuilding teams to be at the bottom of the standings. But, by the information you presented it looks like we bottomed out in 2016-17 and 2017-18 and are currently on the rise. 

Last hurrah with the Sedins in 2016/17 and missed playoffs. 
They retired and stepped aside, and some young guys started coming in.
2 more years of slight improvement
But now's the time we see a big jump by the new collective.
Goaltending keeps trending upward (extend Clark!!!) and we'll make it in this year - maybe even make some noise. 


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I'm glad he's not going to be a lame duck going into their 50th.


Would be interesting to see what peoples reactions will be about Jimbo in about a year or so when we find out if we lose our unprotected first rounder.

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I'm kinda surprised at the timing of this. The way the offseason was playing out, I figured Aquaman was going to wait to see how next season went before making a decision either way. There's a lot up in the air right now. 


Anyways, as anyone with a semblance of objective thought should be able to point out, Benning has improved significantly as a GM over the course of his tenure here. With the exception of the Miller trade, which is obviously still up in the air, his trades have generally been pretty solid over the last two/three years or so, and his signings this offseason have been solid. While I would have waited to see how the season played out, I'm not altogether unhappy. At the very least it should give Benning the time he needs to complete the rebuild. This way there's no question about it. If we're not contending by the time this extension is up, he's screwed the pooch. If we are, he's done his job.

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I personally don't see the need to sign a GM before his pact is up.  


Nor do I buy that he is under pressure, or handcuffed, if he's working without an extension for next year.



Last related, but uncommon and still important conversation.  Its still a bottom line driven business. Fans want the best long term team. The owner wants a plan that returns bums in seats, PPV and brand based revenue streams.  Which is, likely, the real reason we ''bought'' players like Myers, Miller, Ferland.  One round of play off's pays for all of them.  A few extra seats and views in between is pure profit.


Same reason we signed goalie Miller, and free agents in between.


Which also means Jim listens to his owner.  


Hence talks of an extension... 

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