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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Stars @ Canucks November 14th 2019

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Canucks 3 Stars 2


Vancouver scores first


Boeser with the goal


Edit: Is it first goal or GWG? Either way Boeser




Double edit: I picked the Canucks to win tonight against the Preds and didn't get a point. Unless it's not updated yet which is understandable. I NEED DEM JUICY POINTS MANG




Let's get the newest win streak rolling here boys! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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6 hours ago, goalie13 said:

First up, shout out to @CptCanuck16 & @McIlhargey the Lesser for getting both the final score and bonus question right, collecting the max possible 4 points for the game.  This is already the third time McIlhargey has guessed the final score correctly.


While tabulating the stats, I've often wondered, are @spook007 & @Viper007 related?  ::D


On to the next game...




This is the Canucks 20th game of the season.  Inspired by golf skins games, I am increasing the points available.  For this next quarter season I will be awarding four points for getting the final score right.


Predict the winner and the score. (4pts for both, 1pt for just the winner)
Bonus question - Which team scores first?  (1pt)
Bonus bonus question - Who gets the first goal?  (1pt)


Updated leaderboard:




My predictions:


Canucks win 4 - 2

Dallas scores first

Benn with the first goal


Good luck, and Go :canucks: Go!



No Goalie that's not the case... although I'm sure Viper007 is a great guy :)


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