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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings | Oct. 16, 2021

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-Vintage Canuck-

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1 minute ago, McBackup said:

I know Horvat's never been soft but over the past three games I think he's been way more eager to mix things up post whistle. I like it. 

He’s come to the rescue a couple times when Garland has pissed someone off 

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Hard to blame this on the top 6, like Hirsch was saying Canucks bottom 6 need to score in back to back games because of how much our top guys play the night before. They can’t always be relied on to win the game. This was a game where we needed depth scoring and didn’t get it. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

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Whatever, Canucks played really well on the second of a back to back, enough to win. They could've had several different goals in tight that either Greiss made a good stop on or they hit the post. Still very frustrated at the special teams. 

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6 minutes ago, VforVasili said:


Absolutely love Garland. I would say he is my favourite Canuck but that would be the kiss of death. Previous favourite Canucks:

- Matt Cooke

- Todd Bertuzzi

- Zack Kassian

- Jake Virtanen


so let’s just leave it at “I like this guy”. 

Is this a font colour joke I don't get?

If so, there's probably someone in Detroit


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1 minute ago, King Heffy said:

He said he doesn't think the league will, but the fact he's even suggesting it as a possibility is grounds for dismissal after his history with this team.  

Someone should investigate him for fraud.


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Canucks played good enough to win but are making average goalies look like superstars.

I think they are telegraphing the plays too much. Seem to need more movement on the pp and extra attacker plays and more hogz and podz type youngster enthuthiasm on the attack.

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