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Get with the times NHL -Spitting on the ice should be an automatic penalty leading to possible suspension during the Covid era.

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Well, I for one agree with the first poster. You may have a different opinion and I respect that, however mocking the premise of his/her comment is not necessary. Think about it, spitting, specially while sitting on the bench is an unhealthy habit at best. This is not about a proposed penalty, it is simply about the health and safety of the players we all care about.  

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8 hours ago, Live like a Canuck! said:

This needs to be addressed by the NHL!


I find it hard to believe that the NHL is still condoning spitting on the ice. I see it every game. Not only is this action classless, but disrespectful to the fellow players and coaches, and to all; in consideration of Covid.  We must do all we can to protect players, coaches, staff, family and community.


Not sure of the ramifications of transmitting Covid it may have; but conventional wisdom would suggest maybe this is not a good idea.

How long does Covid live on the ice? Can Saliva on the ice still be contagious weeks later?

Could this be a contributing reason why so many players and coaching staff get infected?


Time to evolve and get with the times.



Lmao!!!!  Spitting???  Why stop there…. The league should suspend any player that sweats during a game!!!  Period 

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