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[Report] Sean Couturier potentially out for the season

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PHI really need Cs, they only have Hayes and then Laughton. Torts won't do well with this group, a lot of losses coming up for PHI. They could sure use a C.



Farabee, Attard and a pick


I actually believe they'll find a way to re-sign Bo, and that would be a good thing. I'm just bored with this off-season. Still waiting to see Trader Jim do something.

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1 minute ago, singing chef said:

If the Canucks can't get Bedard then Philly is probably the best place.   Keeps him out of the west and it'll take a loooong time for Philly to get back to something better than mediocrity, even with Bedard.

Dunno, given how hyped he is we might be surprised. He's supposed to be something special. Time will tell. 

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11 minutes ago, KirkSave said:

Torts being his coach would suffocate his creativity. When the lotto balls drop next year, Bedard will be praying to not land in Philly...should Torts still have a job by then.

I don't see Torts being a long-term solution in Philly, and at age 64 I wouldn't be surprised if this was his last NHL coaching stop. 


9 minutes ago, JM_ said:

better that than Edmonton 

They won't get him, they'll likely either make the playoffs or finish in no man's land.


6 minutes ago, Vinny in Vancouver said:

Or Seattle...there, I said it! :P

I wouldn't mind Seattle getting him tbh, I want them to be good. It's not much of a rivalry if one team isn't any good. It'd be cool to have something akin to the battle of Alberta.

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Ehh. If good boy Canucks fan Bedard has to end up somewhere other than Vancouver (where he belongs) I wouldn't hate for it to be Philly. I'd rather it be there than Arizona (joke team) Chicago (disgusting team) Sabres (They've had enough lottery luck tyvm) Montreal (See Buffalo) Seattle (our Great Value brand southern neighbours) or any other team projected to bottom out.

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