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[GDT] Monday February 13 2023 - Vancouver Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings - 7pm PT/10pm ET - Vancouver

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1 minute ago, Taphouse Canuck said:

Looking for another entertaining loss tonight. That would leave us just one point behind SJ for that coveted 5th spot.


Look out Yotes we're coming for you

If memory serves Canucks play SJ 3 x yet this year. If Martin actually goes down Abby has back to back against Calgary this week. If Martin backs up tonight then does Demko back up mid week? Is he that close? Is the kid at UBC still there? :towel: If Boeser and Meyers are gone by the TDL it will be adequate. Still hope Garland and even Miller on a good deal might go. 

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50 minutes ago, Strawbone said:

Remember back when Martin got us points in like 9 straight games and people were speculating that we might not even need Demko? And then a bunch of other people pointed out how terrible Martin's underlying numbers were and we were only getting points because we were unsustainably out-scoring our problems? Those people were right!

I don't think it's that straightforward. Demko was playing badly and looked injured or in a funk. We were desperate for wins and Martin seemed to at least come up big later in games so people wanted him to take on more games and give demko time to recover or defunkify himself. Demko's injury and time away hopefully has him back to 100% though i'm a little frightened that he may re-injure if he comes back too soon.Martin has absolutely shown that he is not a starter.over time, so anyone who said that was proven wrong, but i think most just wanted an equal time share due to demko sucking.

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I love PA at times. Finally someone who speaks the truth. Called our bubble run a straight up fluke and that's NOT the real canucks. Soo many need to hear that in our market. All those people who really believed we were signing Bos extension and a 3c + RHD away from being right back there... LOL.


Keep selling! :towel:

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9 minutes ago, Dr. Crossbar said:

Seriously ... "should of" ??????


Will never be able to take anyone seriously who writes that. 



While "should of" is never right, technically I think he said "shoulda". It's tricky when you're quoting someone, people use all kinds of contractions in day to day speech that look sloppy when written. If he'd written "should've" that would have been an incorrect transcription too.


Look at me being all pedantic!



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