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[GDT] Monday February 13 2023 - Vancouver Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings - 7pm PT/10pm ET - Vancouver

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46 minutes ago, Strawbone said:

While "should of" is never right, technically I think he said "shoulda". It's tricky when you're quoting someone, people use all kinds of contractions in day to day speech that look sloppy when written. If he'd written "should've" that would have been an incorrect transcription too.


Look at me being all pedantic!



See what you're saying.


"Should of" is just wrong. Sets a horrible precedent, low standard. Sign of the times.

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3 hours ago, austy said:

I've been impressed with diguiseppi (sp?), He has the played pretty well. He seems creative likes to shoot.  

Phillip Di Giuseppe has played well this time up and experienced better results.

He is said (by whom I do not recall) by some to be tough too; I don't know.

May find his way onto the fourth line and is solid in Abby.

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9 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Tocchet called Kuzmenko "Kuzy".  I think Kuzy will be just fine.  Tocchet gonna teach him to play a little better D and maybe eat more fruits and vegetables...

In Soviet Russia, fruits and vegetables eat YOU!

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