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CDCGML Dispersal Draft


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Welcome to the CDCGML 2023 Dispersal Draft thread!

The draft will run in reverse standings order and assets from the Anaheim Ducks and New York Islanders will be available to be selected.  There are 65 total assets available to be selected and each team will get an oppourtunity to select twice during this Dispersal draft.


You can view the Dispersal Draft Page here.

Below is the rough guideline for when each team will be up to make their selection. 

Round 2 Guideline

April 27th - 1. @snowflake 2. @HighOnHockey 3. @theo5789 4. @Rush17
April 28th - 5. @Ilunga 6. @Kondor40 7. @Caboose / @Gally 8. @Tony Romo
April 29th - 9. @arby18_ 10. @J.I.A.H.N 11. @ThatMike 12. @Brettzky
April 30th - 13. @ActionJax09 14. @The Brindy Gypsy 15. @Primal Optimist 16. @Zenflamesfan
May 1st - 17. @Canuck Surfer 18. @Sharpshooter 19. @Gator 20. @Dak Prescott
May 2nd - 21. @Sludge 22. @Mike Vanderhoek 23. @Devron 24. @lethunder
May 3rd - 25. @Squeak 26. @da.moose 27. @Sergei Bobrovsky 28. @aGENT
May 4th - 29. @Relyt Krets 30. @canuck2xtreme



- Once the team before you has made their selection, you are free to make your selection.  Please tag the next GM in line when you make your selection to let them know they are up and on the clock.

- If both teams from the previous day have not made their selection, please refrain from making your pick until both GMs have had at least 24 hours to choose and have been officially deemed to have missed their pick.
NOTE: If both teams scheduled for a day have made their selections in their turns and your team is next, you are permitted to select immediately, but no team will be considered to have missed their pick until their assigned day has passed.

- Teams are permitted to pass on their chance to select a player by posting 'pass' in the Dispersal Draft thread when it is their turn.

- There will be NO make up picks if a team misses their assigned day.

- No trading of Dispersal draft selection order is permitted. Teams may select a player and trade them after the fact if they desire, but there will be no trades to effect the order of selection.

- When selecting a player, your team inherits the players current GML contract, including clauses.

- Pending UFA/RFAs are eligible to be selected.  All pending UFAs will be open to the idea of an extension, but as always, contract terms, money and fit with the team (especially fit) must make sense.  There is an element of risk with selecting a pending UFA, as there is no guarantee that they will sign an extension.

- Any players who are still left after 2 rounds will be released to Unrestricted Free Agency.

- Any players selected in the Dispersal draft are ineligible for the 2023 Playoffs.

- Any 2023 Entry Draft selections are also available to be selected. 

- For the 2024 Entry Draft, only the Anaheim 2nd round draft selection has been traded to another team.  That selection will be placed in the very middle of the 2nd round for the team that holds that draft selection.  The remaining 2024 draft selections will not be available to be taken in the dispersal draft.



Please feel free to ask questions if need be, I will edit this post with FAQs for clarity. :) 


The Dispersal draft will begin tomorrow once the standings have been finalized.

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