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Booth's locker is cleaned out


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Probably the highest paid empty net goal scorer in the league this year. If he werent injured, he would probably be highly coveted at the trade deadline. What team wouldn't want a guy with a 4.25 million cap hit who does all the right things except score. He could have netted us at least a first and second rounder in return.

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Well I was one of the few at the time who bothered to use NHL Game Center Live to look back at his las few games, in total..........and I could not believe we traded for him and said it.

Of course I was shouted down.........like Gillis obviously, all CDC looked at was a couple of youtube videos, saw he crashed the net and thought it was the second coming.

Of course at the time I had also argued giving Sammy a bit longer to recover...........but isn't Gillis strange, he likes to take on other peoples rehabs but shows little faith in our own..........Sammy, Sami and Manny say hi.

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