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[SIGNING] Gomez signs with Florida


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Good signing, he was on a 30 point pace with SJ last year.

No reason playing on an eastern team, with perhaps more ice time and pp time, he couldn't score 35-45 points next year.

Its a good signing for 900K. Florida has different goals than a team like Vancouver.

They aren't really contending for the cup. They are trying to fill their arena and keep payroll low.

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The have Barkov, Shore, Bjugstad, Trochek, Goc etc, as well. I could their forwards look something like this: (barring any signings/trades)

Huberdeau - Barkov - Versteeg

Fleischmann - Matthias - Shore

Howden - Trochek - Gomez

Bergenheim - Bjugstad - Kopecky

I could definetly see Florida signing someone like Grabovski to give them a little more depth.

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Gomez was never really an amazing player, he only surpassed 20 goals once. His two seasons in New York he scored more goals than he did in his season with New Jersey before his big contract.

He has had really only one terrible season (11-12) and one poor season (10-11). But even in the 10-11 season with the Canadians they had only one player with over 40 points (Plekanec 57) so his 38 points is relatively not awful.

I think Gomez could still be a 15 goal, 40 assist second line player again if in the right situation. For 900k he is well worth the gamble. With the Sharks he was 6th for forwards in points & corsi playing 13 minutes per game (12th). His most frequent linemate was Andrew Dejsardins who has put up a whopping 7 goals in 135 career games.

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