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What Happened to the Ring of Honour?


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they didn't commit 100% to it, so it failed.

reminds me of... not getting that top 6 sniper when we really needed it the past few years. how good would someone who could actually score have been in the SCF? I mean someone who is shoot first and pots 30-40 per year? easier said than done however, would you have given up some of our current young players for that player? the SCF was close, so that might have meant a win.

spilt milk... sorry

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the problem with the Ring of Honor is that is was never declared what the criteria was for induction.

So it is now a sort-of-halfway-to-greatness-but-not-quite-jersey-retirement status,

Who really wants that?

It like the 7th man was not fully thought out to begin with, and if it is scrapped, how bad does that look for those already enshrined.

Another classic Paints-Himself-in-a-Corner move by GMMG.

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