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Mafia: Heroes (100th game special) - GAME OVER, HEROES WIN

Master Radishes

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Daredevil probably (not guaranteeing it) isn't Villain affiliated, otherwise they would've saved Intoews in the first round? PPCLI most likely innocent in this scenario.

Other scenarios include:

-Daredevil was inactive the first round and didn't manage to send their action in.

-Another possibility is that the villains didn't have Daredevil power in round 1 and then someone used their role switch ability and Villains obtained it.

If somebody had Daredevil in the first round and it got switched, might be good to claim it. Any role switchers in the first round should list who they targetted. Maybe someone targetted whoever had Daredevil in the first round and gave it to someone else (Lantern I think?.

-Then ofc there's the possibility of Hellboy. Maybe Daredevil was in the unused pool of powers, and whoever had Hellboy gave the power to someone.

There's obvious risks in making claims: mafia deception, become a target for mafia, etc. Guess it's each individual's discretion.

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Another morning, another victim. The SuperFriends gathered to begin another exhausting round of accusations, theories, spam, and Horvat vs Nichushkin debates. As they cleared their thoughts and gathered their thoughts to begin anew, someone did a count and realised they were again one member short. No longer surprised, the members of L.A.P.D.A.N.C.E quickly determined that JE14 was the missing body.

His body wasn't missing for long, however. They found it - well, pieces of it - strewn across the bathroom floor, which was now a vibrant shade of red. Written on the wall in blood was a note: "TOUCHABLE."

JE14 has been killed by the Villains!


But as the League members cleaned up the room, sullen and shaken, they heard a loud noise from below. Rushing down to the basement of their secret hideout, they were shocked to see Kesler87 grinning back at them.

"The MVP is back!" he exclaimed.

Kesler87 has been resurrected!

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Master Radishes



Alchemy Time





Go Faulk Yourself




King Heffy



One one two






Total: 17/19



Intoewsables [Hung: VILLAIN]

Kesler87 [Villain kill: HERO] - RESURRECTED

JE14 [Villain kill: HERO]

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Oh and Vote PPCLI - obviously DD is mafia friend saving his butt, I'm not sure how I feel about a role that can call off a lynch being able to be in Villan hands. We are pretty screwed if that is the case... I am assuming that DD can't call off a lynch for himself? If we figure out who is DD they should be lynched immediately I will definitely switch my vote if that is the case but for now the most suspicious is PPCLI.

I can't see a Mafia saving PPCLI if he was TP and I can't see a TP saving PPCLI if he didn't know if he was mafia or not especially with the fairly strong evidence against him.

PPCLI and DD = Mafia

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