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[PGT] Nucks 2, Kesler 1


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That's not what it was for/said. But this is not ok and an example of why you're heading for another one.

You tell him Deb! Some people just don't know when to stop typing!!

Great win for the canucks. Definitely the better team won tonight. Burrows played great and had quite a few chances. Lack was solid. Keep it up boys!! GCG!

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Yeah, I am super happy the Canucks won, but I highly doubt the Ducks score only one goal had Perry been in the lineup.

I mean, Corey Perry is tied with Nash for most goals scored, I think he would have been a wee bit of a factor.

I understand Vrbata was out for Vancouver, both teams had injuries etc, but Perry is arguably the best scorer on both lineups by quite a bit.

Not to mention Anaheim's top defensive pair, including Fowler, their primary puck mover.

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Hate to say it, but in a 7 game series you're right. Same with healthy Canucks vs. healthy Sharks & Kings. Still, better than last year and it will only improve during Benning's administration. At least we can get some points from them now. Overall the road trip went well, but I still don't think we're at their level.

Hate to say it but vrbata has more value to us than Perry. This game was evenly matched and we spanked them after first for 45 minutes. They didn't deserve 1 point. Healthy Canucks are better than vs healthy ANYONE in 7 game series.

Radim has 1 more game winning goal than Perry.

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3 things I took from this game

1) Bonino turns it up a notch every time his team needs him to.

2) Horvat, Jensen showing they can play responsible even when game is tight despite lack of playing time


3) Hansen does not belong anywhere near the top six and top PP unit :lol:

They practically didn't play the 3rd period and the OT.. How did they show they can be responsible in a tight game if they didn't play when the game got tight?

And yes, Hansen should be nowhere near the top 6 or the top PP unit. Jesus, that was atrocious.

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Great win. Excting game toe watch. Happy for Eddie getting the win, he earned it.

Nucks played well enough to win this one in regulation but ANderson played extremely well as well.

Have to admit I was surprised by how much energy the team had after playing yesterday. So much fo rthe fatigue factor.

Like WD said after last night's game, Playing in the NHL is hard. Y0u cant accept losing because of schedule or travel. You have to find a way to win. The team must have listened and it showed.

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To get the W after yesterday is good. We just reorganized our team folks. I'm just grateful we got Eddie and Miller being our net-minders. Without them we'd be doing alot worse. We were the better team and fought the Ducks hard. Both teams had injuries so its a draw. Regardless if Perry is their leading scorer or not. Who knows he could've had an off day if he did indeed play.


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