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Should BC Family Day Be Moved to Match Other Provinces?


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There is 2 ways for me to look at it.

1. It's nice to have the same time off as the rest of my company and it's easier for continuity.


2. I had last Monday off and received lots of emails from out East but didn't have to answer them because I wasn't working and they knew I wasn't. As well today I'm working and it's super quiet on my phone because I haven't been getting emails today from my corporate office which is nice and allows me to get caught up on the work.

All in all I do like the separation as it's a nice break from the usual and is typically much needed after the Christmas Break.

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Who cares? (Other than the people who are looking for any excuse to bash CC...)

I think I gave a pretty valid reason why some might care. If I am an employer in BC and pay my employee to liaise with Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, I'd be frustrated that I have to pay my employee on a Monday when he or she cannot get any work done due to other branches not working, and then have that same employee not at his/her desk when other branches are trying to call in.

Its not like it is some BC-specific celebration. Why not make it on the same day?

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