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[PGT] Canucks @ Kings

-Vintage Canuck-

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Bonino and Vey were possessed today, Lack as usual stood on his head, Vrbata has some seriously slick hands and Bo gets rewarded for his hard work. A total team effort by the boys, what a game! Oh and to top it all off this game may have just knocked LA out of the playoffs. The ball is in our court, it's up to us to choose our destiny. A great day to be a Canucks fan.

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I think Linden Vey is the unsung hero of this game. He made so many good plays and even broke up a potential break away.

these healthy scratches have really given the team some timely energy

just look how burr came back after a short break, vey with one of his best games of the year tonight

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I really hope someone makes a good highlights video. I missed almost all the game :(

The whole game was a highlight. Even if you had 20 minutes you couldn't get through all the chances, hits and plays. It was a game for the ages. I'm sorry you missed out.

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Maybe you guys wanna keep predicting Canucks losses in the GDT. Seems to work.

But seriously, (and I don't want to sound like apollo), there was a totally embarrassing lack of faith displayed by some of you people in what is supposed to be "your team". Shots were 42-26 Vancouver. No amount of disgusting reffing or Kings goonery could stop them today.

So yeah, in short, what are the haters gonna say about this one?

I already apologized on page 2 of the thread, Marchy. Do I have to apologize again? If so, I'm sorry...though to my defense, it was more trash talking rather than lack of faith in the team (I'm of the mind that the Canucks can always play better. Even today, though the Canucks outshot them 42-26, the Kings carried the play for the better part of the game).

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4-1 Kings

We get shelled 5-1.

LA will not be on cruise mode for this one, they need the 2 points and so do we, but I don't think for a second we will beat them on their ice. GG

and against a california team. i'll happily sleep in

The Kings are to us, as we are to the Flames and Oilers.

5-0 Kings

For the record, whoever says the word moral victory has to wear an oilers jersey for a day

Martinez is back and healthy making the Kings that much more mobile and allowing for Doughty to play some far better minutes. Canucks are missing their ONLY top line player with size and as we've seen more and more, Vey while a promising rookie is a bloody Pacific Division creampuff. The same type that RNH was when Henrik was absolutely abusing him for 2 seasons

I want to see a win tonight, but I just can't. 4-2 Kings and the Kings' back end lighting up the score sheet with that mobility

We have no chance

Welcome loser brigade.

Nice goal Jackets.

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Great game from everyone.. Not a single weak link in this game, great team win. Also thought Linden Vey had his best game of the year in this game. Drew a penalty, his line looked dangerous, was 6 for 8 on the draws and made a great backcheck to breakup that short handed breakaway when Edler fell down.

Congrats boys! Lets take care of business tomorrow!

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