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was jensen not good enough last preseason?


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last preseason Jensen deserved to be on the canucks

I thought he played very good he played in 3 or 4 games I believe he scored vs the sharks and flames

he set up the winning goal against the oilers

I want him to be a canuck but if he keeps getting{ sven baertchi from the flames} type treatment

you don't think he'll want outa here as well? and I hope he ain't getting tradet either.

anyone else would be hurt and angry if he'd get tradet?

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I'll be surprised if he is not trade bait this off season. Might just be another Gillis bust like Jordan Schroeder in 2009.Could be a career AHler unless he goes to Europe if he can't catch on with another NHL if things don't work out in Van. Hey as another poster said some guys just don't have the drive to make it to the show. Jensen may be one of them.

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Horvat had 0 points in 5 games in utica

But he was a 2way forward with great faceoff skills.

but one of our top players in this years playoffs

Plus, if you talk to Comets season ticket holders, you'll learn that Horvat was one of the best players on the ice during those five games, even while going pointless. When he was called up, many knowledgeable Comets fans agreed that was the last time they'd see Horvat in a Utica jersey.

If only the same could be said for Jensen (and I'm a big fan of his and want nothing more than to see him succeed).

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Jensen played fine. Takes a lot to make the NHL though. You have to bring a complete game. Jensen has been scratched by Utica in the playoffs. He obviously took a step back this year. Hopefully he takes one foreward next.

Jensen has had short periods when he played well, including one stretch with the Canucks. But he is not consistent and makes too many defensive mistakes. (There is a reason he had by far the worst plus/minus on Utica this year -- and that is despite relatively favorable match-ups.)

I think next year is his last chance. If he doesn't improve, Benning could trade him.

Agreed that next year is his last shot. Not sure he gets traded. He might not even get re-signed next year.

If he played like Kenins or Horvat then he would not be getting benched in the minors. Pretty simple you have to EARN your way up the ladder.


Kids only 22 and still trying to figure out what kind of player he is. I still have hope.

A 19-year-old like Bo was this year will normally improve a lot over the following few years. Improvement is fast between 18 and about 21 or 22. After that some improvement is still likely and some guys are late bloomers, but right now Jensen's trajectory looks more likely to take him back to Europe than to the NHL.

I agree he has one more chance. He needs to work hard on his defensive game and show that he has a chance to be a useful bottom 6 player at the NHL level.

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