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Mafia: Historical Mafia Players hosted by the MVP- Game has started!



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Damn it, guys, you've gone and effed up my records. How do I count this game now?

This is unfortunate, though. I was enjoying following along with the game. (For the sake of my own ego, was anyone "MR" in this game, or was I left out? ;) )

Not being involved in this situation at all, all I feel qualified to say is that I trust Virt and whoever else was suspicious, although maybe the ban lengths are a little harsh. I get how recent events may have made people extra paranoid, but the evidence Virt posted, while circumstantial, would make me suspicious too, if I had been playing. I'd give TS another chance, maybe after a few games, but I get how this game was too affected to continue. The GM had to make a call and he did. It's not like he could consult the living players, because that in itself would affect the game too much.

But Virt, don't quit. For all the "character assassination" you constantly get from us, Mafia wouldn't be the same without our MVP.

We should re-try the game theme one time. I like that Baldy and Mastah were on the same team, by the way. :lol:

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Side note: my "Mafia championships" game starts tomorrow (Monday). I can post a link to the game thread when one is up, in case anyone wants to follow along.

I'm hoping I don't die in the first round, since none of the others will know me. :lol: But the other games have been really top quality (though I only skimmed the last couple) and I don't expect to win one of the two spots that advance to the final. Maybe I can sneak into a wildcard spot if I get lucky.

I appreciate you guys allowing me the chance to represent our community, though. I have the next week off from work and will be devoting way too much time to this thing. We seem to be among the smaller sites represented at this thing, although at our peak (Zodiac and other games) we were above average.

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Side note: my "Mafia championships" game starts tomorrow (Monday). I can post a link to the game thread when one is up, in case anyone wants to follow along

Please do. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to follow along. I read through one of the other games, and these guys are REALLY good ... but I'm sure you're up for the task. Should be lots of fun.

As for what happened in this game, I'd be curious to hear what AJ has to add to all of this. TS's reaction to the accusations doesn't do much to persuade me that he's innocent. :lol:

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I don't think TS is grasping the fact that his posts after he died are what caused the game to be ruined, not the suspicion of him cheating. Virt probably should have waited until it was all over to bring it up, but that's no reason to post what you did. I'm curious to see what AJ has to say about all this.

Anyways, it was nice to see the game be so active, despite me being busy and it being cut short. My lack of activity wasn't a ploy, as I wouldn't have posted much as TP either.

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Vote BH

Investigation came up TP, but we have good inside knowledge that he's the KingPin.

But seriously disappointing game, especially with Jazzes first game. He looks like he has all the potential to be a great.

I'm especially dissapointed for Barzal, I didn't see him getting killed any time soon.

And do we now have a 3rd column in our record like Virts sig? :P

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I was super busy yesterday and didn't check the dead ppls pm until this morning. I was pretty surprized by everything that happened, but after seeing all of TS posts together I can see how some might become suspicious of him. I do think that maybe the best thing would've been to wait until the end of the game to confront TS, though as many have said it was TS posts in this thread that killed the game. I don't think many other players agreed with him on most of these posts...It wasn't to the point where people were just waiting for him to say who to kill next.

It was a good game and I hope virt hosts again sometime.

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Also if nobody else is hosting, I've been learning how to program Pokemon games, so that the next game I can host will have a dynamic feel to it.

It'll be a Pokemon game with a Mafia story.

It should mesh well with each nightfall.

It'll also be vanilla.

But that is if no one else is hosting.

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I was right early when I said at least 1 of Dral, Kryten, or Dr. S was Mafia.

I used my doppelganger investigation on KH and would likely have used my kill on Dr. S if the game has continued. Oh well. This game could have turned out pretty good.

Who was SK?

Barzal, as stated above.

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It's disheartening to see another Big mike controversy so soon, but I don't want to assume the worst. It's not so clear cut like that one. Listing the entire mafia in a single post is something he would have done/did do though.

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