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26 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

yes and no. I'd take Dahlen with a couple of years of post-draft experience over a 2nd round pick any day. Goldy too. 


Gaudette is a found wallet, you almost never get a 5th rounder with his potential. No one won a cup stockpiling 5th rounders. 


Sure a few more picks would have been nice but would it make that much difference to the elite player potential on the team? In all likelihood not. 

Any cup winners build their team through trades?  Rebuild through the draft by gaining picks, the tinker with the parts collected to create the best team.  Did Dhalen cost us a pick?  I thought we got him for Burrows only?  

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2 minutes ago, Jimmy McGill said:

No Dahlen didn't cost a pick - thats my point, its more than just picks. Of course picks are a big part, but so are good trades and free agency. 


In this era of the cap and the lotto, teams will have to do a bit of everything well, draft, develop, trade and free agency all have to be a part of it going forward imo. 


I don’t disagree.  I’m for getting U 20s, like Dhalen too, providing they don’t cost us picks.  I was happy getting Goldy too.  They both had high ceilings, and potential to be core pieces.  I’m against moving out picks for guys 23 or older, who (our management said) have more to give.  IMHAO, those trades should be made (if ever) to tinker with an established core.  We haven’t established our next core yet.  


Gaudette is is the perfect example of why picks are important, especially during the rebuilding phase.  

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