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Does this town have what it takes to survive a Canucks rebuild?


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The relationship between the media and the Canucks is a symbiotic one.  The media is a promotional machine and the Canucks give them a reason for being.  Unfortunately, the Canucks don't tell all.  And the media in many cases uses itself as sources of information.  There is so much information that I think the media doesn't spend a lot of time trying to analyse how various actions fit into the big picture.  They spend their time chasing stories and seeking multiple opinions on the stories (which are all mostly the same).  This would explain how there seems to be no recognition that the Canucks even have a plan for rebuilding the team let alone have been executing that plan since the day Jim Benning was hired almost 2 years ago.  Logic would dictate that in order to get the job in the first place, Benning would have had to present an outline of a 5 year plan for what he would do as prospective GM. 


So when members of the media say "I'm not so sure this town can deal with a full rebuild".  I wonder what they think has been going on for the last 2 years.  Has the team been floating along aimlessly?  Or, would they likely start working on one plan and 2 years along just change their minds and start implementing something else.  This is a recipe for a floundering team.  No, there has been only one plan and they're sticking with it.


It's obvious to me that in the most general sense that the plan is to draft well and develop players.  There has been a complete review of the scouting department and an alignment in terms of goals and definitions; I dare say an entirely new scouting plan has been implemented.  We all know that the development of players is key to the long term success of the plan for the team.  Support for player development runs right through the organization from the Utica Comets to the Vancouver Canucks.  It is made up of the alignment of systems of play from top to bottom which involves the entire coaching staff.  But it also includes player personnel and of course player selection from both the professional and amateur levels.  In addition to this, Benning has been making personnel moves in order to support his plan.  Team culture was strong and had to be preserved.  Also, young players need support in terms of mentorship.  Players also develop better in a positive environment.  Yes, that's the winning environment, the playoff seeking team that they keep talking about.


Executing the plan is another story. 

The drafting part, most people agree has been pretty good.  Benning has said that the team has had 3 good draft years now (starting with 2013, the Bo Horvat year).  Development starts with the coaching staff (Willie D hired, Melanson, Cloutier, and Green retained,  WD hired Lidster). 

Benning has been creating a structure of players who will a. help to mentor young players, b. keep the team competitive and c. make additions of 20-23 year old players to try to make up for several years of poor drafting. 


In his first year he added:

  • Miller, to backstop the young team, Benning views goaltending as the most important position
  • Vrbata, to help provide top 6 scoring
  • Kesler trade added depth (Bonino, Sbisa, 1st (McCann))
  • Garrison trade to free cap space and add a 2nd (Vey)
  • Dorsett for grit and character
  • Addition of early 20's players Vey, Baertschi

In his second year he added:

  • Sutter upgrade over Bonino as a match up player against top opposition centres
  • Bieksa let go to improve back end speed.  Hope for development of Sbisa, Bartkowski or Weber.  Didn't pan out.
  • Lack moved out in favour of Markstrom
  • Problem player Kassian moved for Prust (more grit and leadership....or not)
  • Deveopment of Baertschi, Horvat, McCann, Virtanen, Hutton, Markstrom.  Yes on 4/6.
  • Further addition of early 20's players Etem, Granlund

In the third year we will likely be seeing prospects from Utica making the jump to the Canucks which is the leading edge of the draft and develop plan. 

  • Gaunce, Grenier, Zalewski, Pedan, Tryamkin, Biega, Rodin?
  • There will be further tinkering with the older player support group.  Some exits, some additions.  At the very least, I would expect to see Vrbata's scoring replaced because it appears we have seen his last game as a Canuck.  And, Benning will correct for his mistake with respect to defensive needs.


If you consider that the Canucks will begin to see the fruits of their development of young players in the Comets system and elsewhere very shortly coupled with a substantial amount of cap space opening up which will allow Benning to plug some important holes in the line up, it is conceivable that this team can be a playoff team next season.  Like it or not, the playoffs are good for player development which is exactly what Benning wants.  Like Hank says, this team is close.

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We survived Keenan, Messier and losing Pavel Bure; this rebuild ain't sh!t in my eyes;



We'll be back, We are going to have to suffer for awhile, but we WILL return to the Stanley Cup finals and we WILL bring the Cup back home to Canada where it belongs.

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23 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

A lot of fans that post on here would/will stick around for the rebuild.  The butts in the Rogers Arena seats will not stick around for a rebuild.

And then the ticket prices will go down and there will be a whole new bunch of butts in  RA seats.   There's a lot of folks out there that would love to go games that can't afford the prices right now.  Soon you will see more families coming out to games as well.


I don't see a problem.

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I have said this over and over and I apologize if I come across as repetitive. 


You aren't switching your core and making it back to the finals in less then 10 years from your last SCF birth. You can't do it with a salary cap. 10 years is if everything goes flawlessly. 


So just by that general rule of thumb we got like 5 years left. I'm sure the franchise will survive, I just highly doubt ownership will. 


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Well, the bandwagon's getting lighter. 


Lowered expectations, like in the early 2000's (most recently) bring out the best fans and the best in said fans, but we will have to suck for another year or two to really get rid of the spoiled babies. They'll all come running back to fill Aqualini's fun money account once the media starts banging their "plan the parade" drum once again.


I kind of miss being really stoked when they win and even proud of the way they played in a loss, when they played hard and did well against a superior team, that was good enough. There's too much whining and moaning from spoiled "fans" who haven't had to love a crappy team and can't stomach losing. Probably their parents fault, but I'll save the "participation ribbon" and "equal playing time" rant for another time. 


Losing loser fans is fine by me. 


A while back, about 15yrs ago, a year or so before my Grandpa died, we watched a Canucks game together. The boys were getting destroyed, if I remember correctly it was 5-1 St. Louis after the first period, my Grandpa told me two important things that day.


1)From $h!t grows roses (sorry mods, Grandpa's words, and he fought for our freedoms)

2)You've had to hit rock bottom to appreciate the top


Edit- And my Mom was wicked pissed when I brought Gramps back to the Hotel at 12:30, drunk as a skunk. :)

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6 minutes ago, LaBamba said:

I have said this over and over and I apologize if I come across as repetitive. 


You aren't switching your core and making it back to the finals in less then 10 years from your last SCF birth. You can't do it with a salary cap. 10 years is if everything goes flawlessly. 


So just by that general rule of thumb we got like 5 years left. I'm sure the franchise will survive, I just highly doubt ownership will. 


I can get behind this.  That would make Bo Horvat 25.  Not even in his prime and the leading edge of the rebuild.

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You mean province; and yes we can. Life goes on and the people of this province will always support this team.  


2012 was the peak of the natural ebb and flow of a sports city.  That never will be or ever was the standard of canucks fandom. 


This is a natural process and even if rid team stumbles to the bottom of the barrel fans will still watch and we will still be here when the dust settles. 

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Yes, because I really doubt that we'll be a losing team for that much longer. Next season IMO will be the last. Depending on what moves are made in the summer, this season might have been the last. 


We've got a good enough core of prospects (plus the 2016 draft) and young players now that we don't need to score a top 3 pick for the next 3 years. I'm confident in management's drafting decisions no matter how high up we're picking. 


As a fan, I'm excited to see what lineups are iced in the coming years and how our prospects and young players will perform in the pro leagues.

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