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Brogan Rafferty | D


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I've never seen this guy play. Here are my strong opinions:


It's always exciting when the team signs a player out of college; there are lots of examples of players who aren't drafted, go the NCAA route and ultimately work their way through an NHL farm system before contributing well at the highest level. We've historically had luck with these types of contracts, so I'm hopeful. It's intriguing that he made the transition from forward to defense so late in his development, and the growth spurt he's said to have undergone reminds us of one Chris Tanev (whose own spurt may have been a bit later than Brogan's? I don't remember).


I believe it's paramount for NHL teams to have defenders capable of producing offense--or at least who are able to conduce offensive production in other players on the ice... so I'm quite happy to see management pursuing a contract with a player who purportedly has good abilities in skating and puck-moving and potentially the offensive instincts to make everything work.


Right shot, 6'2, free prospect. There's not much to complain about here. If he works out, A+; if he doesn't, there's basically nothing lost beyond the opportunity cost of signing someone else in the months before our contracts drop down to ~30.

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33 minutes ago, Kootenay Gold said:

Vancouver up to 50 contract limit now so will not be adding any more prospects till summer by the look of it.


Im pretty sure thats Saturday so shouldn't make a big difference.


Hoping Rafferty can be a key player for us going forward, but I really want Kaski as well. 


Kaski would really round out our future RD position

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2 hours ago, Crabcakes said:

In my dreams.......Pouliot, Goldobin, Granlund?, Schenn?



You wash your mouth out with soap right now mister! 


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6 hours ago, RetroCanuck said:

Will be gone- POuliot, Dorsett, Laplante, Pyatt, McEneny, Mazanec, Leighton

Might be gone- Granlund, Gaunce, Boucher, Kero, Goldobin, Schenn, Eriksson, Schaller, Spooner

May be traded- Hutton, Sutter, Tanev


Therefore I can see 7-10 contracts freed up this summer.

I think you are pretty spot on there Retro. I had a look at Capfriendly today and came up with a list nearly identical to this. I imagine that 80% of this list will be gone by this time next year;  Either let go, traded for picks or prospects or involved in package deals. Pouliot is an odd one, he could probably be traded for something but you just cant offer him a new contract. Someone more clever than I could create some package to wrap up Eriksson and deliver him to another team ( heres hoping). Granlund, Goldobin, Schaller and Spooner must all be worth something in a trade. Hutton, Sutter and Tanev offer a whole lot of opportunity to Benning in a deal scenario. 

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