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[PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 06, 2020

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1 minute ago, StealthNuck said:

pretty sure Zac identifies as an attack helicopter. 

Clearly he is a Big Mac truck, ask Colorado's D.


We probably shouldn't assume his vehicleness though. Could offend someone.

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That was one heck of a huge game, and did they ever play like it. That was not an Avalanche team that was playing poorly, they were threatening all night. First period was especially dangerous, Canucks had a bit of luck coming out of that period with the lead. But from then on they played right at their level, it was a pretty amazing back and forth game. Third period was critical, and there was a ton of fantastic shot blocking especially on that power play. I was so happy when Zac got that 5th goal, we needed that so much. It's so nice to see the Empty Net unit finish this one off, it's been too long for them.


Fight on boys, we're going to need to right to the finish!

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Great game by Mac and his line,happy for Demko to get the win!!

The Canucks scramble in their own end freaks me out every game...

just saying for supper tonite I had a double Big Mac and he gets  2 goals...coincidence??

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Just now, Jaimito said:

The rest of the season is going to be exciting. Last day of the season may determine playoffs for nux. 


This is what we wanted during preseason. The team has delivered so far. 

You must have forgotten that we were leading the division not too long ago...Your expectation is so low.  This is not the position we want during the trade deadline day, we want to be in the position to fight for the division crown. 

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It’s nice to won this one.......but, firstly, the AVs played like sh!t, we played OK but not great but more importantly EP and Hughes; 0 shots on net, what’s up with that. They both had many chances to shoot.

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10 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

Mackinnon?  Meet Macewen.  There's only room for one Big Mac in this rink.

Has Big Mac eclisped MacKinnon? Discuss.

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3 minutes ago, Trebreh said:

Big Mac was awesome from the drop of the puck. I thought the team fed from his energy and got the guys playing a little bigger tonight!


We discovered a new 3rd line with chemistry, hopefully Green keeps this line... (he better!) Roussel mentioned during the intermission that it was great to play with a big boy like MacEwen and it showed. He was more physical and fiesty tonight.


Demko recovered after another weak goal, he was great in the 3rd shutting it down.


Tanev - what more can i say, he's a warrior and i think he finally snapped during this losing streak. he's playing a lot more physical which is great lol.


Myers - good to have him back, he was one of our better defencemen tonight! great play on the 2 on 1. 


great game from everyone tonight, now pound the Jackets on Sunday and take back the 2 points they stole from us!


Interesting take. 

Myers had many terrible plays tonight which outweigh the few good plays he had. His mistakes were really soft defensive gaffs too. 

everything else I agree about. 

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