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[PGT] Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 06, 2020

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1 minute ago, WHL rocks said:

Russ Gaudette Mac line had a massive game.

Need 3rd line to play well down the strech.

No kidding WHL, who ever said that Green wasn't on board with player development.  He's given Gaud so much rope

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6 minutes ago, brownky said:

Canucks are a funny team. Can't beat terrible teams, but make beating the 'big baddies' no sweat.



has been the team's motto as long as I can remember.

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Good team game!


I thought Myers was having a tough time with his passes, but all and all they contained Colorado pretty good.


Man that McKinnon can skate! (Boo!)


I thought Demko really put in the effort...….not text book, but a solid effort


Very high pressure game, Huggie did well...….Miller just leads the team...…….every shift! Wow!


I like Jakes game......looks more and more confident


Maybe Green should play Mac a little more....what do you think?


Solid effort!

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3 minutes ago, Junkyard Dog said:

1 game doesn't make me forget the uselessness of the rest. Happened with Stecher too but he hasn't been as bad as Roussel.


If he strings together more games in a row, sure.

Roussel has had two very solid back to back games, the Arizona loss masks his effort Wednesday night.

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Just now, oldnews said:

71 pts in 67 games for MIller.


59.6% faceoffs.


Team leading 113 hits.


Can't believe Bennig gave up a 1st for this cap dump.

Imagine giving up a first for a core player/leading point getter. 

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3 minutes ago, JoshuaGuy said:

What a &^@#in warrior Tanev is. 

prototypical modern anti-puck-moving shutdown D.

Gotta skate, pivot, move laterally like Tanev to handle top sixes like the Avs have.

Edited by oldnews
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The rest of the season is going to be exciting. Last day of the season may determine playoffs for nux. 


This is what we wanted during preseason. The team has delivered so far. 

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4 minutes ago, We_Are_All_Canucks_4_life said:

Hopefully the boys can build off this win and get going in the right direction again.

Pretty much, one and done isn’t what this team should be looking for. 

Avalanche played a great game. It wasn’t like they were off their game or anything. Canucks were able to stay mentally in it and finish it off. 


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