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20 minutes ago, greensman said:

I am just one exec.

I think what Snowflake and Ajax may have already insinuated, though possibly with too few words, is that we did eagerly accept Crabby back... that is true. He, and involved parties, talked it out and apologized. The league love-in that followed was heart-warming. 

You did make some rather insulting off-handed remarks as you left, and your departure was much less diplomatic than Crabby’s. I think the league would be looking for a bit more “I’m sorry,” than “I’ll take my team back”. 

In 100% honesty, you Bomba are one of my favourite GM’s. We worked together very well when I was an agent, and we’ve always dealt together well. I’m beyond excited to find that your Blues this season are the team that keep knocking my Kings out of the playoffs... a playoff spot!!? This is your best year yet, so far. 

I voted in the exec the moment you left... take back both Bomba and Surfer, but that the ball was in your court to make it right. I hope we get you both back, I hope we can count on you for support and understanding in league issues for years to come. I’m hoping that, whether this years Kings, or next years Kraken, we get to compete against each other  for another decade, and grow as GM’s together. 

I am not a deciding vote or voice, these are the thoughts of a GM, who happens to be an exec when time allows. 

You’ll notice the GM name is ‘Vacant’ on the Blues right now, the ball is most certainly in your court, and I think it’s clear where my own hopes lay. 

i d come back (for the remainder of the season, then i´ll decide if i stay for next) but finally its on the league exe if the league want me back. 

i love my blues but if me and  some of the other guys in the league does not fit well, its better i should leave. 

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To the rest of you &^@#ing muppets, trade me someone for someone. 

I need bottom six playoff bound forwards and playoff bound dmen. 

I have:


2 - 1st round picks

1 - 4th round pick










And the indispensable Eriksson.



 All of them are in play. 

And if the deal is right..... ...Podkolzin. 

Don’t give me $&!# offers or I’ll quit.....


...talking to you. 






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Sorry, I've only been half paying attention recently, but why is godverdome bomba being exiled?


I saw him quit, but.. why can crabby get his team back but it's a no to bomba?

Please dont make me read back. Wasn't loving the drama.



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2 minutes ago, aGENT said:



The GML executive is pleased to announce the hiring of @BCNate as GM of the LA Kings club!


Welcome to GML BCNate! :towel:



And a big thank you to @greensman for piloting the Kings while we found a permanent GM for them.  His next assignment will be announced shortly.

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