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1 hour ago, aGENT said:



The GML executive is pleased to announce the hiring of @BCNate as GM of the LA Kings club!


Welcome to GML BCNate! :towel:

Welcome aboard! 

Los Angeles was a little broken and run-down, but I whipped it into shape as best I could to get it into the season. 

Super glad you are taking over... there’s a little asset management required, but I was hesitant to open another GM’s Christmas presents :lol: (didn’t want to make your future moves for you).

I’ll be kicking back and relaxing, so if you have any questions, or want to run things by anyone, just let me know.


* special thanks to all GM’s that dealt with me in LA, that was a blast... fun experience, see you all at my next gig, where I look forward to further dealings! *

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Welcome to the CDCGML BCNate, it's a keeper league so my best advice with 1sts and stars, keep em. These sharks will swap you a popped inner tube for yerr gramma as a welcome gift, if you let em! Haha


But if you need to make some adjustments hit me up at the intermission! :gocan:



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Hi Nate, welcome.

I'm by far the best person to send players to.

I have absolutely nothing to offer for picks or prospects, but my future considerations are very bright and in the future I will really like helping people with things and stuff, especially people I have considered.


All the best and good luck!

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1 minute ago, theminister said:

I will wreck your franchise.


I let Hedman go as an RFA to get 4 x 1sts. That helped me win a title.


I view this similarly. 

Not to mention the package I gave you Lindholm. That essentially got you Vas + :lol:

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