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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Winnipeg Jets l May 10, 5 p.m. l SNP

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28 minutes ago, Green Building said:

Some people ask for those fighting for jobs next year to be put in a position to succeed, and some cut them before they even get a shot.  


Remember when Boeser was scratched his first 2 games?  


It really is too bad that guy never worked out. After all, a lineup for one shift/game is pretty much set in stone for all eternity. 

We heard the same protests last game day thread - from people who had no take on what was going on.


Highmore had 12.5% ozone starts last game - wasn't playing "top line" minutes - he was getting utilized with Horvat's line - when Horvat was in a hard minutes matchup role (v McMilkhotdog).   Tonight it'll be v. Scheifele's line.


Highmore had 1 ozone start - Horvat and Pearson 10.  


Green has neither of his shutdown centers - so he's dividing off his top 6 Cs - into dual roles.   Horvat has done this frequently in the past - plays a dual role when the team is limping/missing matchup centers...Miller in this context has been drawn into primary penalty killing minutes - because the Canucks top 4 penalty killes are not in the lineup...


Highmore leads the team - the lowest ozone starts on the team (at 24.3%)...

He's not being fed "top line" minutes/opportunities - people are mislead by appearances that they don't really understand / don't realize what underlies these players' utilization/deployment.


That said - I would have no problem whatsoever if Highmore got some spot offensive opportunities. 

The lineup is completely depleted.  He's worked very hard - and he's shown upside at previous levels =  he scored 24 goals in his one (rookie) AHL season - something done only 2 times in Utica's 8 year history. 

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2 hours ago, NUCKER67 said:

Edler is done. Zero goals all year, imagine that most of the goals from the D were once provided by him. And since he got his a** handed to him by Simmonds, I'm not sure how much physicality he'll provide moving forward. Would Edler be willing to accept $2 million and be exposed for the Expansion Draft? Probably not, which concerns me that Benning may give him a healthy new contract (guessing $4 x 3 - front loaded) that protects Edler? This is Benning we're talking about. 


how many of Edler\s 99 goals were scored on the power play?

sad really that the Green Monster can't find the occasional power play to play Edler

last game ould have been a great time for dEdley to tie the score after Drais got his 500th then McD got his 100th 

dEdley getting his 100th to tie would have been appropo

Sigh, must continue to play the stale power play with Huggy anable to score for as long as edler has not been there

this is the only year since 2006, his rookie year that Edler has not scored a PP goal

Finger on the pulse of our team, thats our boy Travis


I checked 46/99 goals scored on the power play

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Posted (edited)

Looks like the John’s with the PLD reverse jinx

- no goals in 12 so he should get 12 tonight.


to bad linds out he and gad .    should have sat Highmore vessy or Boyd. 



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2 minutes ago, oldnews said:

We heard the same protests last game day thread - from people who had no take on what was going on

Not to dismiss everything you said after this, but we as Canucks fans here protests 365.  


In summation, I have zero problem with Highmore or anyone else getting a taste, and love the fact that Rathbone has been such a quick fit; I just wish there was a way to squeeze Juolevi into the mix as well cause I'm not sure if I buy the "if we don't play him we don't have to protect him" trope as I haven't had time to research his eligibility.  



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1 minute ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I think he will get in after one more skate. We play the Jets again tomorrow, so I wonder if Green will consider putting a fresh body in a back-to-back.

I'm thinking 6 whole days to "Learn the Systems"

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