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LOOK PLAY LIKE ITS A GAME OF SOCCER ..maybe that will help their terrible plays...GIVE AND GO..when i was a soccer star in my childhood days thats what we would practice  for drills just a give and go so beat the guy so you are open for a pass the rest should fall into place...id score many goals beating the guy down the wing , i mean you need to be a natural goal scorer like myself but gee whiz it almost seems like they are bunch of robots out there malfunctioning..maybe its time to bring back the orca whale from the salish sea..canucks need to eat more salmon so they can get their hockey brains going again..i mean i love the canucks but but holy moly you have to change things up and play with some emotion..million dollar pay checks...

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LOOK CROSDBAR COOL IT..IYS FANS LIKE YOU THAT CAN JUST GO WATCH ANOTHER SPORT LIKE CURLING OR WRESTLING..they need the support of the fans rite now and with the drive and will to win they can do it..its a matter of mind over matter.....you need a guy that stirs things up none of that this year...i mean rouses was not that great but he was a spark but lost it later in his game..you need to find a couple of guys like garland but bit more designed for it garland is awesome but he has skill and dont want him ogg the ice..ok fans get it..

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3 hours ago, Slegr said:

This would all be different IF:

1) they wore the black skate jersey as alternate jerseys, and 

2) if they offered Tryamkin more and he joined them this year.

Those two twists of fate would have us in a comfortable playoff position.

Tryamkin is making $583K in the KHL while the NHL minimum is $700K USD. With bonuses he could hit around $1M. He was offered over $2M when he before he bolted. I don't think he really wanted to return at all.

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