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[GDT] Pittsburgh Penguins @ Vancouver Canucks | Saturday, December 4th, 2021 @ 7:00pm PST | CBC, SN

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1 minute ago, sassbs said:

Hope they lose!  Just for the fact that more they lose, the earlier green is fired.   


At this point hope for wins. It’s obvious that losing doesn’t necessarily mean they are firing anyone. Could be the end of the season 

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37 minutes ago, IBatch said:

Thanks for providing a great example of why our fanbase needs improvement. 

Please!   Seriously.   It’s annoying!   Green/benning need to be fired.  So if losing causes it then so be it.  Canucks suck!  Plain and simple.  I’m not a homer fan. 

honestly I get so annoyed with cdc.  One minute everyone is calling for their heads, the next they get a little wining streak going and god forbid you say a negative thing against the team, then all of a sudden you’re a horrible fan blah blah.   

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36 minutes ago, 24K PureCool said:

Lol no change will happen with Aqua in charge even if they lose all the games in the homestand by 10 goals.


Time to get used to living with this frugal owner.

Unfortunately this is closest to the truth.   Sigh 

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