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[Waivers] Dennis Cholowski

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24 minutes ago, North Kariya said:

He would be a meh upgrade on Hunt but Bruce knows and seems to trust Hunt.. It would take a much more talented Defensemen to replace a Hunt. Rathbone hasn't even got another look yet..

I think Rathbone's situation is also a function of the team wanting him to get as much playing time as possible.  He could play limited NHL minutes or he could have significant responsibility in the AHL.  I think it makes sense to let Rathbone develop in the AHL for now.  We could still see him called up if some moves are made at the deadline.

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1 hour ago, King Heffy said:

Already been waived this year and is a defensive liability.  I'm no Hunt fan, but he's played better now that he is playing under an actual coach.

I dunno, he's looked pretty brutal to me. But I do think Bruce trusts him, so it's unlikely he'll be replaced this year. If it were up to me, I'd waive Hunt but I don't think we're gonna see it unless some absolute steal ends up on waivers.

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6 hours ago, 250Integra said:

 I remember when Detroit was super high on this guy.


6 hours ago, rekker said:

Originally drafted by the Red Wings. Every team has their first round wiffs.

They liked him so much they traded down in the draft to take him. Gave up the pick that chychrun was taken with.family guy knee injury GIF

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