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dumbest ideas?

smithers joe

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Where's that guy who wrote the now-immortalized "Burrows, Do We Really Need Him?" thread?  Someone tag him :P.

For real though, I'm glad that I'm not involving with the team's Amateur Scouting, because given my initial doubts about Hughes and Petey as #1 guys given their size, the only amateur thing would be my takes :frantic:.  As well, not sure about the order but I'm sure there was another laughable opinion I've had about who to keep in the Lu - Schneider - Lack trio, but I'm glad to have forgotten my stance.  Alright, enough about me, look forward to hear everyone else's summer heatwave level hot takes.  

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1 hour ago, smithers joe said:

have you made suggestions that were down right awful?

after pavel bure was drafted but still in russia, i felt the canucks needed some more toughness. i wrote the canucks and suggested, we send the right to bure to edmonton for david hunter, a tough guy. harry neal wrote me back and thanked me for my interest in the team. that would have worse than trading neely.  i'm not that goofy kid anymore. i'm an older version of him.

thats nice that Harry wrote you back though. 

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7 minutes ago, Heretic said:

When I started cheering for the Canucks in the mid 70's, I figured they would win a cup in a few years.

To be fair, they were pretty exciting in 1974-75. It wasn't totally unreasonable that they would follow in the steps of the Sabres and Flyers.

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2 hours ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

I didn't buy Apple stock when it was $8 a share.

Same, when it was not even 50c/share, and I knew that the Apple Ipod was coming out soon to take control of the mp3 market lol

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1 hour ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Crow and Gate on the Island have said to give the kitchen staff a break, they are going with a cold menu today. I think that's awesome.

Ploughman's lunch for all + a mug of Merridale scrumpy!  Just like back in the ol' country::D

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