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[Trade] Diaz to NYR

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I hate Gillis more and more.

Canucks can't score more than 2 goals in a game (and even that is a lot)? Better trade our goaltender and defense for prospects while keeping a horrendous front-end.

How does that even make sense?

We needed to dump our useless offense to make a rebuild, not dump the only things we had going for us.

How is Diaz for a 5th a good deal? We're giving up a young, fast-moving player for a low draft pick that will probably never even make the NHL.

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I don't believe it's Gillis not making deals...I have a feeling by the sound of things that it is in fact ownership calling the shots. Which would be bad, because what's the point of having a GM if you don't allow for him to do his job?

To be cont'd....

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