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[Re-Signing] Florida re-sign Dmitry Kulikov.


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TSN Hockey ‏@TSNHockey
Florida and Dmitri Kulikov agree to terms on a 3-year, $13M deal, per @TSNBobMcKenzie #TSN #NHL
Overpayment but it's alright with the cap going up and they have plenty of cap to spend.
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Does it really take a lot of talent to screw MG though?

I think it does, no one else in the league could convince MG he was getting value in a trade, hence why Tallon is the only one who could repeatedly screw him again and again, yet MG would still come calling; that takes talent.

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The term is good but the cap hit is not. It also makes him the second highest-paid blueliner on the team.

He did have 2nd most TOI/g, a low PDO, and decent QoC Rel.

Imho, with the inclusion of Mitchell and Ekblad he may have more manageable minutes allowing him to play a more rounded game. I think this is actually a decent contract.

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Overpayment...but that's all Florida has been doing lately.

I still can't believe the Blues wouldn't offer something like this to Sobotka, who has proven far more than Kulikov. Yet reports are St. Louis was playing hardball at 3.

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You guys under the illusion that Gillis got screwed repeatedly by Tallon need to have a closer look at what Tallon got in those deals.

Bernier - who they waived.

Grabner - who they waived.

Samuelsson - who hardly touched Florida ice due to injuries.


Evan Oberg.

A pick they still have from the Ballard deal, who could turn out to be an NHL player (Howden).


Florida did not get a great deal of value out of those deals where they "screwed" Gillis.

Nice story though.

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Also disagree with people here who don't see Kulikov's value.

23 year old with five NHL seasons under his belt.

As steady as anyone on their blueline - plays big minutes, faces strong competition, skates very well, has great hockey sense, plays a balanced game and has good underlying numbers.

Pretty reasonable terms as far as I'm concerned.

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... Man Florida is over paying for everyone.

Luongos 4.5 is by far their best value on the roster. Man that 4.53 cap hit is a beauty for an elite goalie.

Unless you are Vancouver if he decides to retire early. And if he does decline in the next two years they have an overpaid backup.
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