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[Fight] Milan Lucic vs Dalton Prout


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If Lucic could take a clean hit, or lose a fair fight without throwing a hissy fit, he might only be known as a dirty piece of trash. As is, he's a complete embarrassment to the sport and the NHL would be a better league if someone ended his career.

Love seeing this coward get cranked.

While I agree. you shouldn't be throwing punches if you're not wiling to take some, and it's really unflattering when some gets dropped (Which I admit, I have been) if they aren't willing to just say "Alright, he got the better of me, credit to him) let's not take it to far, this is game and entertainment, Lucic is an entertaining figure whether you like or don;t like him and he makes the NHL a more enjoyable league all round.

I realize he's a bad guy to Canucks fans. in the NHL's never ending story, but c'mon. I don't think you would like it if Lucic the person was seriously injured, although it's fun to watch Lucic the Hockey player get dropped, I would never want him injured or maimed beyond what happened to him the other night.

Probably the only guy who had that coming, in the history of this league is Bryan Marchment, and Maybe Ulf Samuellsonm and only because they tried to permanently injure people (Not sure that is even true in Samuelsson's case aside from his one submarine job on Neely, I remember him as more of a pain in the A$$ not a guy who repeatedly tried to end careers.

I think Matt Cooke and Marchment are the only guys who should have been turfed out of the league.

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I'd argue that headshotting goalies counts as trying to end a career. As such, I agree with Miller's assessment of Lucic's character.

It's obligatory when you say that to put his after game video interview into your post!!!! He called Lucic gutless and a p.o.s.

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