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[2016-2017] Canuck Prospect Stats Tracker

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Last Updated: Friday April 14, 2017


This thread is for keeping track of Canucks prospects through the 2016-17 season. My definition of 'prospect' is mostly arbitrary. If there is someone you want on the list that hasn't been added, just let me know. 




1) How often will the thread be updated?


I plan to update about twice per month


2) Where do you get the stats from?


All stats are pulled from the player's HockeyDB page.


3) How are players sorted?


Players are sorted by league. Since some leagues (i.e., Europe, NCAA) are less likely to contain a large number of prospects, I have collapsed them into a single category.


4) How do I find a specific player quickly?


If you are looking for a specific player, players are sorted alphabetically by first name. Players marked by bold font are those who I would consider the Canucks' top prospects.










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I'd rename this to Canucks Prospects/Young Guns Stats Tracker. Hutton, Virtanen and Markstrom no longer qualify as rookies or prospects. All 3 have proven themselves NHL ready. They are the Canucks Young Guns. Gaunce, Labate, Stecher, Tryamkin and to a certain degree Rodin could all not be on the team, but highly unlikely of Rodin.

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1 hour ago, canuckledraggin said:

Great job again! I was thinking Garteig should be on there and maybe Zalewski and Grenier as mentioned above. Not sure what your criteria is.



Thanks! I'll definitely add Garteig but I'm going to leave some guys like Zalewski and Grenier off the list unless they start to get hot down in Utica. The fewer on the list, the more frequent the updates.

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18 hours ago, Derp... said:

Cederholm is playing in Sweden this year FYI. Also missing Grenier in the AHL

Did we qualify Cederholm or just throw away?


Nevermind, I see that he's still under contract. Probably a good step for him, see if he can get his game going.

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2 hours ago, TheCammer said:

This stats tracker has nothing to do with how they are developing. It tracks their offensive stats , nothing more.

Yes, I get that, but it reflects whether or not they are performing at all, or injured, etc. 


Considering where I spend most of my time lately, I don't get to stay updated on this stuff as much as I'd like, so its really great to have it all in one place.

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