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[PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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1 hour ago, PhillipBlunt said:

If you knew what you were talking about, I'd agree with you. 

Markstrom let in two softies and ultimately cost us the game. Didn’t think there was anything controversial there. It’s always easier to blame the refs for our shortcomings. 


Some posters need to leave leave their personal grudges behind.  

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Best news is we are looking more like a team that will move assets at the trade deadline again. That ended up working out well for us last year, and should hopefully again this year too. 

As it stands right now we would have the 5th best odds at getting Dahlin. Realistically once everyone is healthy and the trade deadline passes I still expect us to be around 21st-23rd in the league.

Names to watch over the holidays at the WJC that we could be drafting include:













Nussbaumer (2019 draft)





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Gotta say, Markstrom was definitely a big factor for why we lost, but he also kept the game within reach too.


The offense also was missing.


Edler is playing SOOO badly. Why is he on the PP? Take him off please.


Biega also had a mediocre game.


Del Zotto needs to be given PP time. That or Pouliot. Take Edler off the PP please!


Reduce Edler's minutes!





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To be honest Marky let in two softies which sucks but it is hard to win games with one goal. Having said that WTF is this subjective reffing going on where almost everyone is confused what a penalty is these days. You can't call a nothing play on Biega a slash which the center ice ref made when Virtanen blows by a guy and gets slashed high towards the hands and nothing by either ref. Are you damn kidding me!!! I have better refs in my beer league that are more competent than that for crying out loud. I know a ref can't be perfect but that kind of stuff is incompetence or an agenda. I really don't want to believe that because hockey is in my soul and it is one of the pure joys in my life besides my baby boy. There has to be some accountability out there. Unfortunately that piece a garbage Bettman won't allow that. Man they killed my buzz. I am thrilled to watch some junior hockey soon to watch kids play with heart and refs who may be bad but can also think for themselves.  

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The good:


dowd didn't take a penalty


brock brocked 


the game entertained


santa is out and about


the bad:


our goalie tandem.


two clumsy soft goal letting way the heck outta position can't get up in time top heavy Bambi legged floppers....#cloutierschool.


im out.


merry Christmas good people of CDC.


ho ho ho!



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2 hours ago, b3. said:

Team battled hard but not enough luck to overcome the two gifts Marky gave the Blues.

I'm sure the  "Markstrom experiment" is nearing its end. Great backup, and I'm sure management is starting to see he is never going to be a true #1. It's just the way it is. 

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