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[Report] Henrik Zetterberg retires due to back injury

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When Datsyuk left Zetterberg was the last of the Wings greats and now he's gone too. Kronwall is all that's left of those insanely competitive and talented Red Wings teams. It's sad really but time marches on.


What's sadder is that he was forced to retire due to injury, dude clearly still has gas in the tank given what he did last season. It's amazing what he managed to do last season injuries considered. His body just can't do it anymore.


Amazing career though for a 210th overall pick. Triple gold, Conn Smythe. Dude accomplished everything he could at the highest levels.

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no disrespect to him or Iginla.  


I hope people knew what the Sedins meant when they say they wanted to retire the way they did, which was calling it a career while still being great (well they were still producing as top 6 guys) look around the league you will see exactly what they mean when they wanted to retire on their terms.


Shane Doan wanted another year.  He did, Arizona wanted to part ways, Doan waited around hoping for another team to contact him, I guess there was none, he was forcefully retired because of that.  He probably got offers from KHL or something but that's not how he wanted to end his career.


Jarome Iginla, look at him, with all due respect, he left his team to pursue a cup, which is fine, but similar to Doan!   he actually waited 1 full year, he was still a UFA all of last season waiting and hoping someone would sign him, that day never came, so then he called it a career just this summer.  Both Doan and Iginla indirectly were forced to retire, and no on their terms, they retired because probably the lack of NHL interest, so it wasn't on their terms.


Zetterberg, this one is kinda sad, and I think he's done too, same draft year as the Sedins, he is forced to retire due to an injury.  so this was not on his terms, he was forced to retire due to injury.


Sedins.  They retired because they wanted too, not because no NHL teams want them or they were too injured they retired on their own terms, and I can't ask for a better way for their retirement.


Now for Zetterberg, mad respects for this guy, I personally can't imagine a better fit with our Sedins then Zetterberg, very sad to see him retire like this. Wings fans were saying this for the past 2 years how they think he's playing through some injury.  Props to him.



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It will be announced that Zetterberg is suffering from an incurable nasal congestion problem thus the NHL will relieve the Red Wings of at least part of the cap hit from his contract much like the Black Hawks and Hossa's "condition".


Meanwhile the kosher contract (at the time it was signed) of Luongo will continue to hang over our heads like the sword of Damocles (thanks Gillis....).


**** the NHL.:)

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3 hours ago, SingleThorn said:

The Hossa LTIR seemed iffy at best, Zetterberg, not so much. Excellent timing on the contract's reduced payout though. Detroit's cap issues just eased up. Love it when fate is so kind.

Maybe it's the tinfoil hat I wear but I smell something funny (and it ain't the unwashed socks of Alf).

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