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Brad Marchand Copies Roger Neilson's White Towel Waving Protest


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2 hours ago, BlueDragon23 said:

You wish you could be as iconic as Roger freaking Neilson, rat-face. 


Boston should be one to complain about the refs. Hilarious!  I noticed that when we played them in Boston, they complained after almost every whistle. Lol, what a bunch of whiners.

Detroit did that too after they started winning.  20 Captains on the team.

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5 hours ago, Tiger-Hearted said:

There was only one Roger Neilson and he will always be a legend.


As for Brad Marchand, he can imitate but he could never duplicate.



If ever there was a guy that didn’t deserve special consideration from the officials, surely it is Marchand.

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