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[Proposal] Goldobin speculation has me thinking...

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To sort of piggy back off the speculation that Goldobin may end up being the odd man out when sutter comes back and that the Canucks May be looking to trade him, here’s the scenario I came up with that is realistic (in my view anyways) and good for the Canucks. Keep in mind this is under the assumption that the Canucks WANT to move Goldobin. Personally, I would hang on to him instead, but for a team looking to move him I think this is a good trade. 


To Edmonton:


Del Zotto

OTT 2019 6th rounder 


to vancouver



EDM 2019 2nd rounder


why it’s good for Edmonton:

The oilers scoring out side of there top three centres is abysmal. Right now, Goldobin would be 4th on there team in scoring and first amongst left wingers by a mile. He’s also very cheap this season and would probably be pretty affordable to re-sign in the off season. He might be able to damage with a goal scoring centre such as draisaitl or McDavid. 


Russel is a cap dump for them in this trade, as he’s owed 4 mill per season for the remainder of this season, the season after, and the season after  that too! Only snag is he has a NTC so it’s gunna take a lot of convincing to get him to waive. 


Del Zotto is a warm body for them to have on D. They seem to be cycling through bottom pairing Dmen like no other team this year and Del Zotto fits the mould their trading for: veteran, physical, and can play pk (albeit, quite poorly). Not to mention, his contract plus goldy together Is less than russel on his own, and MDZ expires after this season so it’s a cap win for them. 


Why it it works for Vancouver:

obviously, the draft pick is the main prize here, but benson is a B prospect winger who has a bit of a chance, so that’s a bit of icing on top. 


Russel is whatever. A poor mans chris Tanev that gets paid way too much, but the cap dump evens out the value and he’s a step up from Del Zotto and pouliot so our d-core actually improves from this trade. His contract expires the same year as pettersson’s, sutter’s, and gudbranson’s, so it’s shouldnt really impact the Canucks ability to re-sign any young players, how ever it will handicap is a bit in free agency over the next couple summers. 


Over all all I think this is fair for both teams, should the Canucks be looking to move Goldobin. 

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Oh god, I'd hate to see Russell on the Canucks. His contract is horrible. HARD PASS....


The logic for the trade seems good. I do feel like MDZ could be a fit in Edmonton. It would suck to see Goldy move to a divisional rival but it's clear Green is not a Goldy fan.


Obviously, I'd try and get Poolparty out of Edmonton first... if not, Benson could be good as a Vancouver Giants alum. If not him, I really like what Cooper Marody brings to the table.


But yeah, Petrovic would be the guy to grab over Russell. Canucks need to make room for players, not add burdensome contracts unless those contracts are of the Nathan Horton/David Clarkson/Chris Pronger-ilk.

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39 minutes ago, flickyoursedin said:

Goldobin and Hutton for Puljujarvi, Spooner or Russell (cap dump) and a pick to balance it out. Chia is desperate and bad at trades. It’s our turn to take advantage of Edmonton.

Apparently, Chia (EDM) is looking for some secondary scoring, so maybe a deal for Goldobin could be made? Would help if Goldy had more than 5 goals though.  

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28 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

Apparently, Chia (EDM) is looking for some secondary scoring, so maybe a deal for Goldobin could be made? Would help if Goldy had more than 5 goals though.  

And half his assists are Pettersson goals :P

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1 hour ago, milk and honey said:

golby is a middle 6 player already.


that 2nd is a 50/50 to even make the nhl.


golby for hagg?  philly is weak on the left. we get another dman


I wouldn't mind morin as well. 

That sounds like an alright move, both those D are lefties I think, which if true is too bad they arent a Righty

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3 hours ago, Alflives said:

Hitch is the one trying to make a culture change in Edmonton.  I could see him wanting Delzotto, but not Goldy.  

Ooh I'd say do it up.  Give them a sieve of a blue-liner who plays big minutes, and get a potentially early 2nd or 3rd round pick??  Yes please.

2 hours ago, milk and honey said:

ya only thing that I didn't like was that

what about Brandon Carlo and a 3rd/4th for Goldie

Sign me up!!  Didn't know Boston was so desperate for scoring up front (only the big line, Krejci and DeBrusk have more than 11 points).
Carlo also looks like he's developed nicely -- big, mobile, physical, shutdown on D, can even shoot the puck pretty well.  

I'd much rather this (even straight across if needed) than potentially gifting Edmonton with Goldie like Calgary gave us Baer.

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